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The Sexiest Parts of Your Body: Can You Identify Them?

When we talk about ‘sexy’ and other similar concepts, more often than not we immediately think of the genitals and those parts near them. While they are indeed sexy in the strictest sense of the word, we still have to get naked to get to them. Does this mean that we have to shed our clothes before we can be called sexy? The answer is a clear no, right? There are far more noticeable sexy parts of your body than these, and it’s important for you to know what they are if you are to leave the right impressions.

So what are some of the sexiest part of our bodies?

Your Hair

You shouldn’t be wondering why shampoo and conditioner ads flood the media virtually everywhere. People — surprisingly, more men than women — care so much about how their hair looks and feels because hair can tell a lot about a person to the observer. For one, hair is an indicator of health and energy (and probable efficacy in bed!). So the next time you go out to impress anyone, never leave your hair untouched. Spend some time on it; pamper it! It may give you rewards that you have never even imagined.

Your Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul. This statement really makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes to attraction and relationships. Disgust. Interest. Glee. Anger. Fear. They’re all clearly visible in your eyes. If you really want to say it best without even saying anything, highlight your eyes and let them do the talking. Play with some eyeliner, perhaps? The objective is to direct attention to the eyes so that you can start speaking through them.

It will also be helpful if you are able to make your pupils dilate. Go to a place where there is not much light — pupils naturally enlarge in such places. Why bother? Well, dilated pupils soften your gaze, and they reveal your true feelings if read right.

Your Mouth

The lips are undoubtedly sensual. In fact, it’s one of the few places on your body with the most nerve endings, and that’s why it’s one of the first things that children use to make sense of the world around them. Aside from being recipients of stimulation, the lips also have an important role in conveying your sexiness. It’s no wonder why so many highlight them by wearing red-hot lipsticks and glosses.

Aside from the lips, your smile also contributes much to the attractiveness of conversation — at the very least, a smile is anybody’s go signal to engage. Hence, there is a need to make sure that you are able to flash a perfect smile at any time if you are to sustain a person’s initial interest in you. A lot of things can be done to fix a crooked smile. You can wear braces. You can also use clear aligners. There are many products available, and one is the very effective Invisalign Glasgow residents are using.

Of course, personality matters more than physical appearance. But remember, personality can’t do anything if the physical appearance fails at attracting potential acquaintances. Hence, it’s never wrong to devote time to looking good every once in a while. You owe yourself that much. We all owe ourselves that much. We just have to be sure that the steps that we take are safe and healthful.

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Are Men Attracted To Women On Birth Control? Maybe Not, Study Says!

Some believe that men are attracted to women on birth control. The danger of getting pregnant and nullified is probably the reason this concept is widely believed. A study shows that birth control does not make women more attractive to men.

A woman’s menstrual cycle takes her on a roller-coaster of feelings and changes. Some women feel fatigued or have menstrual pain during their period. Most women experience an energy surge mid-cycle when their bodies are ready to get pregnant. Mid-cycle is the time when women usually feel they’re most attractive though the body is already preparing to start the whole thing over again.

Women do all sorts of things to reduce menstrual cycle-related symptoms. Some take pills and others brew ginger drinks, which helps reduce these symptoms. Getting pregnant is the one thing associated with the menstrual cycle that some women do not want to do deal with, and many take birth control pills.

Are Men Attracted To Women On Birth Control? Maybe Not, Study Says!

It seems that some women started believing that staying on birth control made them more attractive to men, but that is not true. Some aspects of the menstrual cycle involve attracting mates, even something as simple as the tone of a woman’s voice. The problem is that birth control causes hormonal changes that seem to have negative effects on a woman’s natural ability to attract mates.

A woman who is not using birth control naturally changes her voice during ovulation. During ovulation, a woman’s voice has a lower pitch, which men unconsciously recognize and are attracted to. A woman who is using birth control never experiences this change, making her slightly less attractive to men.

This unconscious but enticing voice is the direct result of estrogen levels being at their peak, which happens during ovulation. Women who use birth control usually have a voice closer to the voice change during the premenstrual phase. This voice is caused by a low estrogen level, which may subconsciously push men away.

Almost everyone is aware of the so-called sexy voice and just how attractive it can be. It is a voice that can seduce a man, but it seems like it is an evolutionary trait that women have developed to entrance mates. No one would have imagined that something this intricate and subtle could be jeopardized by birth control.

Heightened estrogen during the ovulation period gives women that edge they need to attract men with more than just the voice. Experts noted that men found a woman’s face more attractive when her estrogen levels were higher. It should be noted that estrogen helps the skin feel soft and look radiant.

This hormone also helps women feel and be more flirtatious, which helps them attract men. The combination of these and other subconscious cues makes men fall for women during their ovulation. This is lost the moment a woman decides to use birth control, which could make some women rethink usage.

It is possible that the only reason men are unconsciously more attracted to women during ovulation is because of the likelihood of reproduction. This might not be something that women want to hear, but attraction is a precursor to intimacy. The body has developed all of these social cues in order to reproduce.

Women can now make more conscious decisions regarding birth control, knowing how it might affect them. Birth control is a solution, but it does come with consequences. Women can talk to a health professional for more information regarding family planning.

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What Is Love Hormone and How It increases Sexual Arousal

Love hormone is a type of hormone secreted by a pea-sized gland in the brain. The gland secreting the love hormone is known as the pituitary gland. Love hormone is sometimes referred to as mental Viagra, cuddle hormone or oxytocin. The hormone is usually released when people socially bond or snuggle up.

What Is Love Hormone and How It increases Sexual Arousal

Love Hormones Strengthens Relationship

The name love hormone originates from its effect of facilitating attachment and trust between couples. Love hormone also increases empathy and trust which helps us create bonds. The hormone is released when we make love, hug, or cuddle. Some people believe that the world would be a happier and a more loving haven if we produced more of the hormone.

Brain Action

Taking a realistic perspective on how the hormone works, a greater part of brain action and chemistry is involved. Produced and stored in the brain, the love hormone also dubbed as love molecule stimulates and brings up the urge for intercourse between individuals. Serving as a neurotransmitter, the hormone which is basically a chemical in the brain cells works to enhance communication. The communication is particularly evident between individuals during intercourse.

As an emotional amplifier, the hormone is released by women and men when they are experiencing orgasm. The exhilarating hormone is also responsible for fostering a feeling of attachment between couples. According to a research by medical experts, oxytocin is responsible for deepening feelings of attachment. The deepened feelings of attachment then result to a feeling of closeness between couples and the more they enjoy their conjugal rights, the stronger the bond.

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Sense of attraction

Oxytocin works in a range of ways. For instance, it boosts men’s sense of attraction to a mate. On the other hand, the cuddle hormone also plays a great role in women by giving a spark of their interest to make love with their mates. By having same feelings toward each other and a surge in their hormonal levels, intercourse arousal rates go up.

Maternal bonding

Cuddle hormone is not only limited to humans as playing with pets can also bring about a surge of the hormone. Hormones have different dynamics on how they are produced and work in both women and men. In women apart from intercourse arousal, the hormone serves a great role in reproduction and maternal bonding. The hormone is particularly important in women for the whole birth processes and breastfeeding. The love hormone stimulates milk to be let down for the baby when breastfeeding.

Love hormone has the same functions on men as on women which are all about bonding. In a study, the hormone was considered to work as fidelity booster for men who already established a bond with a woman.

Mood Improvement

In a recent study, men who were injected with the hormone, which is naturally occurring, had enhanced arousals. The hormone enhanced activity in the brain regions which are responsible for sexual arousal. The mental Viagra is also responsible for bringing about romantic love and serves to reject any negative moods.
Love hormone is essential for the reproductive system and has been closely linked to romantic feelings. Some studies have shown how the cuddle hormone has been used as a treatment for a number of psycho-sexual disorders. The disorders are usually common in patients who suffer infertility.


To increase sexual arousal, the love hormone works by stimulating some responses and emotions in the brain. All the emotions and the responses after stimulation lead to the need to make love which may also translate to reproduction. The hormone boosts romantic activities in the brain. The effect then translates to a lowered sense of negative mood thus giving ample time for sexual arousal.

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What to Do If You’re Not Attracted to Your Partner

What to Do If You’re in a Long-term Relationship and You Think You’re Not Attracted to Your Partner

You used to stare across the dinner table and wink at each other; lately though, you barely even look each other in the eyes. You used to call each other multiple times a day; but now you barely talk. And don’t even get started about the difference in your intimacy from the start of your relationship to now; it’s like night and day.

What’s happened? Clearly, you’re in a long-term relationship and you fear you’re no longer attracted to your partner. You still like each other, but the spark seems to be gone. It’s a pretty normal spot to be in if you’re in a long-term relationship—but it doesn’t mean you want to stay in this spot. And how did you get here? It definitely wasn’t intentional, and it didn’t happen overnight. But somehow it happened. Now what?

What to Do If You’re Not Attracted to Your Partner

Here are seven tips to help you get back on track.

• Realize All Relationships Have Ups and Downs

The beginning of a relationship is exciting. You’re with someone new and you know very little about each other. Your brain craves the newness of this whole new experience. You feel butterflies and are anxious to spend time together. But after a while, those feelings change a little. You get to know each other’s faults, and while you are still attracted, life starts to get in the way.

The longer you are together, you will likely go through big things together, like losing a job, enduring health issues, death of a loved one, etc. Then there are daily stresses of being a couple, such as living together, merging finances, and more. You tend to spend more time focused on these other things than each other; so it’s only natural that you aren’t feeling that loving feeling at the moment. But just know that this is normal.

If you were to start a relationship with someone new, of course it would be exciting—at first, anyway. The relationship would end up having similar ups and downs. So take heart. You’ve made it this far with your mate, and you can go further.

• Address Any Emotional Issues

Sometimes a loss of attraction comes because there are deep emotional issues, such as abuse, or other bad experiences in the past, or even something going on right now. If that is true, then it can be hard to open up and let your current partner in.

If you want to help your relationship, then it’s time to address any emotional issues you may have. Seek the help of a reputable, experienced counselor. At some point, it may be helpful to have your partner join you at a counseling session.

These emotional issues may be new, or they may be old. Sometimes emotional issues resurface for some unknown reason. If they are new, you may be protecting yourself by pulling away. Either way, the quicker you address these issues, the quicker you can get back on track with your partner.

• Focus on What You Love About Each Other

Life is so full of negativity, it has a way of creeping into our relationships. After two people have been together for a long time, they see every part of each other, warts and all. It’s only human nature to forget why we fell in love in the first place. We get blinded by the annoying parts of life and each other. Maybe your partner leaves his socks everywhere or can’t ever find his keys. Maybe she is demanding or takes too long in the shower. After a while it’s all we think about. If that’s true in your relationship, it’s no wonder you aren’t feeling attracted to your partner anymore. How can you feel attracted if you only focus on the negative.

Instead, let go of that. Focus on what you love about each other. Maybe he is forgiving and playful. Maybe she is a great cook and does thoughtful things. Focus on those things instead. Feel grateful you are so lucky to have a partner like that. Remember why you fell in love in the first place and soon you’ll feel those attractive thoughts come back.

• Schedule Regular Date Nights

If you’ve gotten too busy lately, you’re probably not spending quality alone time with your partner. Sure, you’re together in the car or at home. But when was the last time you went out, just the two of you?

Schedule regular date nights to show that your relationship is important. A night out every week will speak volumes and be an opportunity for you both to act like a couple out in public. It may be just the spark your relationship needs.

Don’t let lack of time or money be an excuse! You can do free or almost free activities, and they don’t have to take long—1-2 hours a week is definitely worth the effort you can put into your relationship. You’ll get plenty back in return.

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• Watch Your Words

Your words have a huge impact on how you act and feel towards each other. Resolve to only say good things to your spouse. Even if your spouse does something you don’t like, you don’t have to respond by saying something rude or off-putting. The more negativity you bring into the relationship, the worse you will feel about each other. Turn things around by being positive with your words.

• Do Nice Things for Each Other

When we stop feeling attracted, we tend to stop doing nice things for each other. What’s the point, right? You convince yourself that they don’t appreciate you, anyway. But this is exactly the time to be doing nice things for your partner. You can’t serve someone and not love them. Love is action, and service is a perfect way to insight action.

Think about other people you serve, either friends or in the community. Don’t you feel good when you life your friend’s spirits or volunteer? You can have those same feelings of happiness when you serve your partner, and they could be a jump start to feeling attracted again. What better person to give of yourself to?

• Choose to Act in Loving Ways

In the end, love is a choice. Sure, it would be nice to feel loving all the time without any effort. And certainly it feels that way in the beginning of a relationship. It just seems so easy when you are first in love and you are both acting in loving ways toward each other. But eventually hard times come. You will both get stressed, tired, and frustrated. When one or both of you act unloving, it can be a vicious cycle that eventually leads to a loss of attractiveness.

Remember that you are both mature adults who can be willing and able to change. Love is a choice that you can make daily. If you choose to act in loving ways, you will feel love towards your partner. It may be more difficult than it sounds, especially if your relationship is in a tough place. So start small. How could you show your partner you love him? Iron his shirts even if he could easily do it himself; wash the dishes even though it’s usually her job; pick up your partner’s favorite dinner just because. Choose love, and receive love in return.

About the author: Sylvia Smith is a relationship expert with years of experience in training and helping couples in therapy. Her mission is to provide inspiration, support and empowerment to everyone on their journey to a great marriage. She is currently associated with, a reliable resource assisting millions of couples to resolve their marital issues. She holds a Master’s Degree in Arts (Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy)

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What Type Of Men Women Want According To Science

What Type Of Men Women Want According To Science

What Type Of Men Women Want According To Science

What Type Of Men Women Want According To Science

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Likely since the very beginnings of mankind, men and women have been trying to figure each other out. During periods of gender-biased miscommunication, many a man has cried out in frustration, “What do women actually want?!” Beyond the innate differences in communication styles, though, men have long yearned to know what makes a man most attractive to a woman’s eyes and vice versa. Do women like bearded men? Tall men? Funny men?

Several scientific studies have been taking these questions very seriously, and both men and women may find some of the answers they’re looking for by perusing the results. That said, some of the data is surprising and not particularly helpful in solving complex man/woman dilemmas. Then again, it might also give you some insight as to why you always fall for a certain type, or why your marriage is likely to last. The data is scientific, but remember to take it with a grain of salt!


The Wisest Thing To Do When Your Partner Wants to Do it But You Don’t

The Wisest Thing To Do When Your Partner Wants to Do it But You Don't

The Wisest Thing To Do When Your Partner Wants to Do it But You Don’t

You’ve been there before and maybe it happens regularly. There’s that moment when your partner is overcome with passion and wants to make love to you, but you are not interested. You could be tired, stressed, or completely turned off. Whatever the reason, it can add friction to your relationship. When you are unwilling, it can make your partner feel like there is a lack of attraction or you no longer feel the same way about the one that you love. While this might be a common problem, you don’t want to let it go. You need to figure out what to do about it in order to avoid damage to your relationship and your partner’s self-esteem.

The Wisest Thing To Do When Your Partner Wants to Do it But You Don't

It’s About Commitment
You might not be able to change the fact that you are not in the mood. However, you can remain committed to your partner. If you are invested in your relationship and understand that there is a give and take, this can help you to avoid troubled waters. Even though you might not want it, you can engage in making love, making your partner’s satisfaction a top priority. When you feel like you are fulfilling a need, it can be rewarding for you and your partner. Studies have shown that when you don’t dwell on the negative and consider the benefits for your partner, you will have a better outcome in your relationship.

It’s About Motivation
When those moments come up when making love is at the bottom of your list, you need to find motivation. When your partner is excited and interested in you, the last thing you want to do is put up a road block. You need to sit down with your partner and find ways to light a fire. You can discuss compromise, meeting in the middle when it comes to how often you want to make love. Try scheduling it and make it part of your routine. If it’s a matter of making love more exciting for both of you, you can become the person in charge. Set the stage, pick the time, and choose the place. Try to spice things up and you may find that your interest improves.

Focus on Bringing the Passion Back to Your Relationship
When your relationship was new, passion’s fire burned bright and it was hard to keep your hands off of each other. When time goes by, life gets in the way. It’s common to be less motivated when obligations, work, and stress take over. If you’re going to keep your relationship strong, you need to find ways to light the fire again. One of the best places to start is simply by touching one another again. Learn the art of touching in all its forms, from affectionate touching to touching that is playful, and involved in love-makimge. Bridge the gap when there is distance between you.

You may not always have an interest in making love when your partner does. You don’t have to participate every time, but refusing all the time will only hurt your relationship. Work together to find a way to make love more desirable and you will both reap the benefits.

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4 Things That Make Any Man Instantly Prettier

4 Things That Make Any Man Instantly Prettier

4 Things That Make Any Man Instantly Prettier!

It’s an age-old discussion and one that just about anyone has their two cents to chime in with. What does make a man more attractive? From the perspective of the guy who’s always alone on Friday night, it can be extremely frustrating to look in the mirror and wonder why he isn’t out there getting dates! Although attracting the right person can seem like an impossible task, there are certain traits that tend to get an immediate ‘green light’ on the dating field. What’s key about these traits is their appeal to the subconscious. It’s not all about who looks better in tight jeans!


Musicians are one of those ‘classifications’ that everyone knows get dates. Professional musicians end up knee-deep in people clamoring for their attention, and even casual musicians have an immediate ice-breaker when they say “I play the guitar.” Why is that?
Simple- they’re creative! Not only are they creative, but they’re expressing their creativity in an immediately appealing way. All artistic individuals have that ‘lure’ of thinking outside of the box, but a musician taps into emotions across language barriers. Music is a performance art, and knowing how to channel charisma with confidence makes an amazing difference.


Everyone loves a uniform. It’s not just the crisp, tailored lines of dress blues or the rugged look of camo wear. It’s the mentality that goes with the uniform! A police officer, firefighter, EMT, soldier- all of these archetypes are those of the protector, the defender. The very sight of the uniform appeals to the desire for a safe society in all of us.
A man in a uniform has that already working for him. We want to believe that the uniform will be worn by a certain type of man- strong, protective, just- and so the man in that uniform has an immediate edge when it comes to earning trust and making a good impression.


Taking a puppy for a walk is usually one of those ‘lures’ to attract positive attention, and men who love animals seem to have no trouble earning that “Awwww!” factor. It’s not just the sheer cute of the puppy itself that pulls people in to smile at the person holding the leash. It’s what having that well-fed, healthy puppy means.
If a man takes care of an animal, if he’s good to your pets when he comes over, then there’s a good bet that he’ll be just as good to children. Caring for creatures that can’t care for themselves shows compassion, and hints at a sensitive side which won’t dismiss emotions. Men who love animals are all but shouting to the rooftops that they can love and care for someone who isn’t always able to care for themselves.


He’s making dinner for you? Chances are that you’re already thinking about your next date. Why is that? Men who can cook- and we’re not just talking about throwing a frozen pizza in the oven- have an innate appeal to others. It’s not just their ability to create something that tastes fantastic, however.
A man who can cook is a man who can handle himself. If he’s learned to cook, chances are he’s been on his own long enough to be able to deal with housework. He’s put together creative solutions on the fly and he can tend to the aftermath of a good time by doing his own dishes. All of these are traits that neatly spell out ‘a keeper.’


Why We’re Attracted To People Who Are Wrong For Us

Why We're Attracted To People Who Are Wrong For Us

Why We’re Attracted To People Who Are Wrong For Us

Opposites attract. It’s an age-old phenomena present in chemistry, physics and nature and demonstrated in relationships. You know the story. Jane, a beautiful, ambitious female entrepreneur and civic leader is attracted to Joe, an average-looking guy working part time for a nonprofit. What is the magnetic force compelling her actions? These four answers may surprise you.

Why We're Attracted To People Who Are Wrong For Us

The Nose Knows

Finding your soul mate should be easy. But both genders struggle to find Mr. or Ms. Right. Conventional wisdom tells you to just follow your heart. But the heart doesn’t create pheromones or anthropines, a compound found in the skin and follicles that produces distinct human odors. Martha McClintock, a leading researcher, discovered a releaser pheromone that drives a fast reaction associated with physical attraction.

Hit the Rewind Button

When Winston Churchill said, “Never give in. . .” he could have been referring to you. Psychologists tell us that an unconscious need to correct previous mistakes may have us irresistibly drawn to the same dangerous situations or people. Hence a desire for a certain type.

Live Life Dangerously

Maybe you already know Rebecca aka Wild Rebecca isn’t exactly the kind of woman you take home to mom and dad. But you aren’t looking for a wife just yet. You calculate the risk incorrectly, of course; your analytical skills are faulty. You jump in, enjoy the ride and plummet into an emotional pool of disaster.

It’s Déjà vu

Familiarity can breed contempt or the beginning of a tumultuous relationship. We all find safety with people who mirror our values, behaviors, lifestyle, etc. So even if you know that David is an alcoholic just like your uncle who raised you, you unconsciously find it comforting.

Does the wrong person represent a suppressed side of you? Does rebelling against societal norms seem exciting? Psychologists call this behavior a quest for your ideal selves.

Being attracted to people who are totally wrong for you is not necessarily a bad thing. Honestly assessing your previous choices can be cathartic. Use your discoveries to chart a course to find your real raison d’etre.

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17 Interesting Facts About Physical Attraction

17 Interesting Facts About Physical Attraction

17 Interesting Facts About Physical Attraction:

1- Some theorists agree that people mate with others on the basis of the own level of physical attractiveness, known as assortative mating. According to this theory people who marry or get involved romantically are most likely to have a similar level of physical attractiveness.

2- There seems to be an agreement on universal standards of beauty. This means that in every culture, in different tribes and countries, there are some standards that are independent of cultural standards of beauty i.e. the importance of breast size in western cultures. These standards, just to name a few, involve a specific waist-hip ratio in women, and shoulder-waist in men, baby-faced features (large eyes, small noses) and a preference for symmetric faces.

3- It seems that women’s menstrual cycles affect their preferences for certain features in men. In some studies, women who are closer to ovulation phase prefer more masculine features in men that signal testosterone, like prominent cheekbones, beards, or a large jaw; while women closer to their non-fertile period exhibit preferences for features with baby faced features, such as large eyes, absence of facial hair, or more average faces. In women who take anti-conception pills this preference shift is not evident. This preference for testosterone markers near ovulation face have been shown in women to prefer deeper voices, more confident men, and those who shows more signs of competitiveness.

4-Mating and height seem to be related to high status, protection from danger, and dominance, although men tend to be larger than women.

5-Facial femininity is important to men, highly feminine faces are shown to be more attractive than average in some studies. This includes small chins, large eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. Facial femininity seems to be a marker of reproductive value, fertility, and youthfulness.

6- There is contradictory evidence on the preference of women for masculine or feminine faces. In some studies women prefer more masculine faces and in other more feminine features. Broad chin and robust bodies are associated with higher reproductive success, while men with feminine faces are perceived to be warmer, more agreeable, and more honest than men with masculine faces. It seems that masculine faces are related to body and facial symmetry and are a special marker of testosterone in the body.

7- Digital manipulations of facial symmetry and the averageness of a face composites of several photos into one have shown to be a sign of preference in men and women. It seems that both symmetry and averageness reflects genetic quality and resistance to pathogens.

8- In a wide variety of cultures men prefer a lower than average waist to hip ratio and larger breasts, as a sign of fecundity and fertility.

Interesting Facts About Physical Attraction

9-Storing fat in the hips and buttocks area

in females seems to be described as a marker of genetic quality and an efficient metabolism and hormonal balance. Storing fat in the abdominal area on the other hand shows inefficient metabolic and hormonal processes.

10- It seems that a ‘V’ shape, or a mesomorphic type

, is preferred by women, such as more lean and muscular types. It seems that it is related to markers of nutritional balance and hormonal proficiency.

11-The color, luster, and volume of hair all indicate age and health. The hair of younger women is judged to be of higher quality than that of older women, and it is primarily younger women who choose to wear their hair long.

12- It seems that attractive people are judged to be more extroverted, more social, more intelligent, and more assertive than less attractive people. This is called the stereotype of what is beautiful is good, and shows that people systematically attribute more positive personality traits to attractive people than to their less attractive counterparts. However, they might also be thought of as vain, superficial, or dumb. It is evident that this inference affects positively those who are attractive, especially in romantic or professional environments.

13-Adults and children are biased toward attractive people. Studies show that even infants stare at attractive people longer than unattractive people. Lessons begin early, how many ugly heroes are there in children’s tales vs. the number of ugly villains?

14-Does the hard-to-get effect exist? It seems that we prefer people who are moderately selective to those who are non-selective or too selective and that we are turned off by those who reject us. Psychological reactions can increase or decrease attraction.

15-Social status universally is a clue to the control of resources. Greater social status bestows children with better opportunities. Women consistently rate social status as being more desirable in a partner than men do in several experiments. For women, social status rated only slightly less important than good financial prospects

16-Universal tendency in desired age for potential mate: Men tend to seek younger women and women tend to desire older men.

17-Men and women become jealous for different reasons. Men become most upset by $exu@l infidelity. Women feel more threatened by emotional infidelity.

Are You Hot or Not? 17 Interesting Facts About Physical Attraction

By Andres Carvajal- PositiveMed Team Costa Rica
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Gangestad, S.W., & Scheyd, G. J. (2005). The evolution of physical attractiveness. Annual Review of Anthropology, 34, 523–54
Johnston, V. S. (2006). Mate choice decisions: The role of facial beauty. Trends in Cognitive Science, (10), 9 –13.
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