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The Wisest Thing To Do When Your Partner Wants to Do it But You Don’t

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The Wisest Thing To Do When Your Partner Wants to Do it But You Don't

The Wisest Thing To Do When Your Partner Wants to Do it But You Don’t

You’ve been there before and maybe it happens regularly. There’s that moment when your partner is overcome with passion and wants to make love to you, but you are not interested. You could be tired, stressed, or completely turned off. Whatever the reason, it can add friction to your relationship. When you are unwilling, it can make your partner feel like there is a lack of attraction or you no longer feel the same way about the one that you love. While this might be a common problem, you don’t want to let it go. You need to figure out what to do about it in order to avoid damage to your relationship and your partner’s self-esteem.

The Wisest Thing To Do When Your Partner Wants to Do it But You Don't

It’s About Commitment
You might not be able to change the fact that you are not in the mood. However, you can remain committed to your partner. If you are invested in your relationship and understand that there is a give and take, this can help you to avoid troubled waters. Even though you might not want it, you can engage in making love, making your partner’s satisfaction a top priority. When you feel like you are fulfilling a need, it can be rewarding for you and your partner. Studies have shown that when you don’t dwell on the negative and consider the benefits for your partner, you will have a better outcome in your relationship.

It’s About Motivation
When those moments come up when making love is at the bottom of your list, you need to find motivation. When your partner is excited and interested in you, the last thing you want to do is put up a road block. You need to sit down with your partner and find ways to light a fire. You can discuss compromise, meeting in the middle when it comes to how often you want to make love. Try scheduling it and make it part of your routine. If it’s a matter of making love more exciting for both of you, you can become the person in charge. Set the stage, pick the time, and choose the place. Try to spice things up and you may find that your interest improves.

Focus on Bringing the Passion Back to Your Relationship
When your relationship was new, passion’s fire burned bright and it was hard to keep your hands off of each other. When time goes by, life gets in the way. It’s common to be less motivated when obligations, work, and stress take over. If you’re going to keep your relationship strong, you need to find ways to light the fire again. One of the best places to start is simply by touching one another again. Learn the art of touching in all its forms, from affectionate touching to touching that is playful, and involved in love-makimge. Bridge the gap when there is distance between you.

You may not always have an interest in making love when your partner does. You don’t have to participate every time, but refusing all the time will only hurt your relationship. Work together to find a way to make love more desirable and you will both reap the benefits.

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