The Future of Healthcare: ChatGPT’s Clinical Decision Support

In a groundbreaking study, researchers from Mass General Brigham have unveiled the impressive capabilities of ChatGPT in clinical decision-making tasks across various medical specialties and care settings. This research demonstrates the potential of large language models (LLMs) and AI-based chatbots in healthcare, showcasing their ability to enhance clinical reasoning and decision-making. This article delves into […]

How AI is Changing Aortic Stenosis Detection

A groundbreaking deep-learning model developed by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine is poised to revolutionize the early detection of aortic stenosis, a prevalent heart valve disease. Aortic stenosis, characterized by the narrowing of the aortic valve, is a significant contributor to mortality and morbidity. However, its detection traditionally relies on specialized and often […]

Lost Voices Found: How AI Brain Implants Are Giving Back Speech to the Silent

In a remarkable convergence of technology and human resilience, brain implants empowered by artificial intelligence are orchestrating a triumphant return of speech for those who have lost their ability to communicate. In a poignant tale of innovation, two studies have emerged as beacons of hope, showcasing how AI-driven brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are enabling individuals once […]

AI Magic: Revolutionizing Tool That Could Change Cancer Forever!

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical progress, a transformative breakthrough has emerged from Johns Hopkins University that has the potential to reshape the contours of cancer treatment. Imagine a realm where cancer therapies are as unique as the genetic fingerprints of the individuals they aim to heal – a world where cutting-edge technology seamlessly harmonizes […]

Diabetes No More Surprise: How AI & X-Rays Predict Risk Ahead of Time

In a groundbreaking development, researchers from Emory University have harnessed the power of deep learning and electronic health records (EHR) to create a tool that can identify potential early signs of diabetes using routine chest radiographs. This innovative deep-learning model holds the potential to revolutionize diabetes detection and prevention strategies, offering a glimpse into a […]

AI Is Screening Billions of Molecules for Coronavirus Treatments

AI Is Screening Billions of Molecules for Coronavirus Treatments

One of the best features of AI, especially when used for science, is that it’s fast and efficient. Due to the global coronavirus spread, these days, AI has been utilized in medicine often. Recently, AI is screening billions of molecules for coronavirus treatments. A staggering speed How much time would take evaluating 1 billion small […]

Predicting The Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease With AI

Predicting The Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease With AI

These days, armed with medical and scientific knowledge and with the newest digital tools, we are going to great lengths to fight every illness. No wonder that new Artificial Intelligence (AI) medical algorithms arise often. Alzheimer’s disease is the primary cause of dementia worldwide, with one in 10 people aged 65 and older exhibiting Alzheimer’s […]

What Makes Food Delivery Industry Bet Big on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

What Makes Food Delivery Industry Bet Big on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

If you aren’t directly involved in the food-delivery industry (on the other hand, who isn’t, at least passively?), you don’t really think about how many cutting-edge technologies are being used for its upgraded functioning. It’s been years since we had to make exhausting calls at the pizza place, listing our favorite ingredients to the person […]

Drones Vs. Covid-19: Ensuring Airspace Safety And Security With AI


With the spread of COVID-19, few essential changes have been introduced to social behaviors. Whilst we often consider them as exaggerated, they are required to lower the rate of transmission and avoid overwhelming national healthcare systems. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated not only that drastic measures are essential, but also that we urgently need to […]