How Cutting-edge AI is Helping Scientists Tackle COVID-19

How Cutting-edge AI is Helping Scientists Tackle COVID-19

COVID-19 disease takes its toll throughout the world. No wonder that scientists are racing to find an efficient treatment or vaccine. It also shouldn’t surprise us that so widely-spread nowadays Artificial Intelligence could help them reach their goal. Researchers needed Our times are the times of research. Since we have so many tools and a […]

What We Know — and Still Don’t Know – About the Coronavirus

What We Know -- and Still Don't Know - About the Coronavirus

By now, we know a lot about the coronavirus. Dr. Megan Ranney (the emergency physician and Brown University associate professor of emergency medicine) spent last week testifying about the coronavirus before Congress. After she took to Twitter with some useful advice on coronavirus on Sunday, CNN interviewed her with some even more in-depth questions. She […]

Is Bill Gates Responsible for The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Is Bill Gates Responsible for The Coronavirus Pandemic?

What do you get for trying to prepare people for an infectious coronavirus pandemic? Unfortunately, not only no acknowledgments but quite on the contrary – you end up being accused of causing it! Over the past decade, Bill Gates has been warning about the lack of preparation and systems in place to deal with infectious […]

What Otto Warburg Discovered About Cancer

A week can hardly pass by without a publication of what Otto Warburg discovered about cancer – and that it is caused by inadequate oxygen in combination with acidic pH. It has been reported that the Nobel laureate didn’t win the Nobel Prize for discovering that cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline or oxygen-rich environment. […]

Skin Cancer Breakthrough: Vaccine 100% Effective

Skin Cancer Breakthrough Vaccine 100% Effective

There is a new cancer vaccine that is 100% effective when treating aggressive melanomas. This is a major skin cancer breakthrough in the fight against cancer. The new development came when scientists gave an immunotherapy drug along with a chemical boost to eliminate melanoma. Melanoma is a malignant tumor which is linked to skin cancer. […]

How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?

[Last Updated: January 22nd 2013]   For many years some parents and independent scientists have questioned the effectiveness of many vaccines and many are suspicious that some vaccines are linked to different conditions, such as autism and ADD in children. Many “independent” experts have sided with government officials who say there’s no possible connection. But […]