6 Things You Should Never Do In The Shower

6 Things You Should Never Do In The Shower A recent study conducted by the University of California found that it’s actually healthier to avoid daily showers because they destroy microscopic bugs on the body essential to fighting bacteria. Whether you are an avid shower taker or more of a, let’s say, hobbyist, there are […]

Organic food ( The meaning of organic )

Organic food is produced by farmers that want to protect the environment for future generations, rotating crops, conserving and renewing the soil and protecting water sources. These crops are grown, handled, and processed without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, for the most part. Some are grown with natural pesticides, not synthetic ones. A great organic […]

Monsanto or organics? Who should you trust?

Genetically modified (GM) food is everywhere. GM food has been a huge risk to health and environment and there is enormous demand to label the GM foods for consumers, by many health advocates. The Monsanto Company is a multinational agricultural biotechnology conglomerate and the world’s leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, marketed in the Roundup […]