This Little-Known Substance Can Help You Detox Your Body

This Little-Known Substance Can Help You Detox Your Body The rise of industry and technology in the 21st century gave us the ability to do things we could not have imagined in centuries past. However, those innovations have not come without a cost. More than ever before, environmental pollutants such as heavy metals and pesticides […]

Shaky Hands? What That Could Mean for Your Health

Have you ever noticed a slight involuntary twitch in your hand when you reach out to grab something? Perhaps the symptom is even worse and you have difficulty grasping objects or the shake is visible to others when you reach out to shake their hands. During waking hours, it is normal for our hands to […]

How To Calm Down Quickly

How To Calm Down Quickly There is no doubt that life in modern times can become overwhelming very quickly. In addition to stress that creeps in from work, family obligations and other commitments, individuals are constantly bombarded with noise from the outside world and electronic devices. Developing a few habits that work to help a […]

7 Powerful Foods To Naturally Calm Your Nervous System

Today’s crazy busy lifestyle can damage our central nervous system, especially if we are not taking proactive steps to counteract the perpetual negative effects on our body.  An overtaxed nervous system typically expends most of its resources just defending the body against attack, whether it is in the form of anxiety, panic, or stress; they […]