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How To Calm Down Quickly

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How To Calm Down Quickly

How To Calm Down Quickly

There is no doubt that life in modern times can become overwhelming very quickly. In addition to stress that creeps in from work, family obligations and other commitments, individuals are constantly bombarded with noise from the outside world and electronic devices. Developing a few habits that work to help a person to calm down quickly can provide fast relief when life’s pressures start to build.

How To Calm Down Quickly

Turn Everything Off

Society in the developed world has reached a point where individuals spend a majority of their waking hours with a never-ending cacophony of noise. People are highly developed beings that use thinking and reasoning in order to sort out emotions and cope with stress. When individuals do not allow themselves time to think, they are not letting themselves work through situations that beg for attention, and noise is used as an escape. A quiet morning run or commute to work should be an opportunity for thinking instead of getting through the time being infused with mind-numbing clatter.

Prioritize and Let Go

An overwhelming agenda of commitments is a primary offender for creating anxiety. When the demands from home, work, clubs and other activities begin to clash, it is time to sort out the most important obligations and let less important responsibilities go.

A great way to eliminate extra stress includes:

Make a list of priorities

Schedule free time every day

Make a commitment to indulge in recreation

Get in Touch With Nature

The outdoors is a sanctuary in its own right. Ditching the earphones and escaping with a quiet walk through a tree-lined path or in a quiet wood can be a great way to give oneself a healthy escape with time to reflect. Recent studies have shown that, weather permitting, walking barefoot on the ground provides a soothing connection that can help provide a calming effect.


Stress not only causes mental discomfort, but can cause physical harm. The hormones released during stress can injure the heart, cause high blood pressure and make changes to the brain that can make an individual more susceptible to addiction. Exercise rids the body of injurious stress hormones and replaces them with endorphins that imbue a sense of well-being.


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