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Shaky Hands? What That Could Mean for Your Health

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Shaky Hands? What That Could Mean for Your Health

Have you ever noticed a slight involuntary twitch in your hand when you reach out to grab something? Perhaps the symptom is even worse and you have difficulty grasping objects or the shake is visible to others when you reach out to shake their hands.

During waking hours, it is normal for our hands to shake slightly. This is because of tiny muscle fibers located in our hands and arms that contract and then relax and random intervals. Other causes for mild shakes could be associated with elevated blood pressure due to stress or physical exertion.

Studies show that causes for shaky hands can range from simple tremors to more serious conditions like Parkinson’s Disease. There are several different health conditions associated with shaky hands and we have cataloged a few of them below for consideration. We will begin the list with the most serious conditions down to the least concerning.

• Parkinson’s Disease – This is an affliction diagnosed in around two percent of people over the age of 65. It is a disorder of the nervous system that can ultimately lead to a loss of muscle function.

• Hypoglycemia – Low blood sugar can lead to shaky hands because it deprives the nerves and muscles of essential fuels and causes them to become exhausted.

• Anxiety – Even something as simple as powerful emotions or fear can cause your hands to shake, especially when dealing with panic attacks.

• Alcohol Intake – Excessive alcohol use can damage the central nervous system. This damage can lead to the development of essential tremors.

• Caffeine Intake – As a stimulant, excessive caffeine intake stimulates the brain to release adrenaline which can lead to shakiness in the hands.

• Essential Tremors – These are the most common form of shaky hands and occur when the common contractions made by muscle tissues occur in a more synchronized fashion rather than in random intervals.

While shaky hands are common, some forms should be monitored more frequently if they become excessive. Shaky hands could be a symptom of a more serious health condition. It is important to consider outside stressors that could be influencing the amount of shaking you are experiencing.


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