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Innovation in Pain Support: AI Solution for Millions Battling Persistent Pain

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Teesside University’s School of Health and Life Sciences has partnered with American technology company Storyfile and pain advocate Pete Moore to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent aimed at assisting individuals in managing persistent pain.

A Real-Life Pain Champion Leading the Charge

Pete Moore, a resilient individual living with persistent pain, asthma, and osteoarthritis, brings a wealth of personal experience to the project. Having undergone a pain management program in the 1990s, Pete emerged as a Senior Trainer in the NHS Expert Patient Programme. His insights and dedication form the foundation for the development of an AI version of himself, designed to engage in conversations, answer queries, and support those grappling with persistent pain.

Pete’s journey involved an exhaustive interview process, where he shared his experiences by responding to hundreds of questions. This wealth of information became the bedrock for Storyfile to create an AI version of Pete. The resulting AI Pete is poised to complement the Pain Toolkit, an existing resource developed by Pete that provides guidance and information on pain management.

A Potential Lifeline for Millions

The project, set to be accessible online, holds the promise of transforming the lives of millions enduring persistent pain. By facilitating dialogue and offering on-demand support, AI Pete aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals navigating the challenges of persistent pain.

Advancing Healthcare Innovations

This groundbreaking initiative is part of the EU Interreg North-West Europe VR4Rehab project. Supported and partially funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research Applied Research Collaboration for the North East and North Cumbria, the project exemplifies a commitment to advancing healthcare technologies and methodologies.

A Dialogic Approach to Alleviating Persistent Pain

“Pain is such a wicked condition to live with, it wears you down and has an emotional toll on people,” expresses Pete Moore. Through the collaborative efforts of Teesside University, Storyfile, and Pete, this project aspires to create meaningful dialogue and provide a supportive avenue for individuals dealing with persistent pain.

Teesside University’s foray into AI-driven pain management represents a paradigm shift in healthcare, combining technology, empathy, and education to offer a holistic approach to individuals confronting persistent pain.

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