What We Know — and Still Don’t Know – About the Coronavirus

What We Know -- and Still Don't Know - About the Coronavirus

By now, we know a lot about the coronavirus. Dr. Megan Ranney (the emergency physician and Brown University associate professor of emergency medicine) spent last week testifying about the coronavirus before Congress. After she took to Twitter with some useful advice on coronavirus on Sunday, CNN interviewed her with some even more in-depth questions. She […]

Childhood Autism by the Numbers

A growing number of American kids are diagnosing with autism everyday it seems the trend is still upward. For example in 2002 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that autism affected about 1 in 150 children. However by 2012 the CDC estimate had dramatically jumped to 1 in 88. More surprisingly, according to the […]

Rare Fungal Meningitis Causes 5 Deaths So Far

An injected steroid medication has been linked to the deaths of 5 people, and 23 states could have the medication in their supply rooms, according to the CDC. So far 35 people in five states are sick from the tainted supply.  Tennessee was the first state to report the illness and 3 of the confirmed […]

How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?

[Last Updated: January 22nd 2013]   For many years some parents and independent scientists have questioned the effectiveness of many vaccines and many are suspicious that some vaccines are linked to different conditions, such as autism and ADD in children. Many “independent” experts have sided with government officials who say there’s no possible connection. But […]

Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs [Video]

Without many of these discoveries and inventions, few of us would be alive today: for hundreds of years, scientists, doctors and other individuals have sought to increase our knowledge in the fields of science and medicine. Many of these breakthroughs and advances have gone on to change the lives of human beings forever and even […]