6 Signs You Should Call In Sick

6 Signs You Should Call In Sick We all know those people who seem to call in so often, or for their kids so often, it’s the talk of break time or the news is greeted by a roll of the eyes, there are also those people who call in so rarely that news of […]

Cold or Flu?

You’re sick, tired, miserable, sore, stuffed up. So is it a cold? Is it ‘flu? Here is an awesome poster that shows the symptoms of each one. When you’re sick get plenty of rest, plenty of fluids, and if you are sick, please stay home, don’t give it to everyone at work, the store, etc. […]

Chamomile, the nature’s remedy for cold and flu

[By Nima Shei and Stephanie Dawson] As the season of cold and flu is here, it’s a good time to look into natural remedies that work. One of mother nature’s best remedies for cold and flu is a plant that makes you think of tea. Chamomile has diverse health benefits that are emphasized in peer-review […]