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6 Signs You Should Call In Sick

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6 Signs You Should Call In Sick

6 Signs You Should Call In Sick

We all know those people who seem to call in so often, or for their kids so often, it’s the talk of break time or the news is greeted by a roll of the eyes, there are also those people who call in so rarely that news of them calling is stunning and you are tempted to send flowers.


Neither way is particularly good, but there are some times that you should call in, no one wants you there, these are mostly times when you are contagious, and also how many people you will be exposed to in the course of your normal workday, if you work with the public, especially in healthcare, stay home, if you work in an office and have limited human contact, go ahead and go in. Working while sick puts more stress on an already stressed out body, it will also.increase your healing time. Here are some general guidelines:

If you are coughing up fluids and/or your nose won’t stop running, stay home. Do not look to the color of your mucus to know if you are contagious, you are.

If you have diarrhea and/or vomiting, please stay home. This tends to dehydrate your body, you may find it hard to concentrate on tasks, and it may stress your body so much that you become even sicker.

If your eyes are red and crusty it is very likely you have pinkeye, which requires antibiotics and is very contagious, stay home and call your doctor’s office.

If you ache all over and have no energy, and that is not a usual thing for you, it’s likely that your body is releasing proteins from white blood cells to fight infection, stay home and rest, your body needs it.

When you have absolutely no appetite, if just the thought of food turns your stomach and does not sound good at all, it’s a sign that your body is battling a bug, stay home and rest.

On the other hand, go on in to work if:

Your coughing and sneezing don’t make strangers stare, if they do not find you too offensive go on in, clean your work area well before, during, and after your work day, and wash your hands often.

If you had diarrhea or sour stomach but are feeling good enough to eat breakfast, it was probably an isolated incident, make sure you get plenty of fluids just in case.

If you work alone, or at home, you can probably get some work done if you are able to get out of bed.

An all over headache is okay to go to work with, unless of course you are prone to migraines, the headache is concentrated in one area, or accompanied by other symptoms.

Post this is your break room at work, keep everyone aware, keep phones, copiers, and other shared surfaces as clean as possible, wash your hands often, and do your best to stay well, and when you are not well, take care of yourself. You deserve time to heal.

For more information on this and other stories, please see source: http://blog.womenshealthmag.com/thisjustin/5-times-you-should-call-in-sick-to-work/#comment-395830

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