5 Deadly Sins in a Marriage

5 Deadly Sins in a Marriage Marriage is tough; we all know this! But certain behaviors can make it, ahem, tougher…Here are the deadly sins to avoid in your relationship! Always Insisting You’re RightWould you rather be right all the time…or married? You are human. Your spouse is human. Accept their foibles and move on! […]

The Trouble With Modern Marriage

Erica B. Slotter, Ph.D. Marriage in America is facing a variety of novel changes and challenges. I am not referring to the current legal battles regarding who is and is not allowed to marry, but rather the hurdles facing couples who do enter into marriage. Over the past several decades, the nature of marriage has […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

1. Improve your sex life A good sex life is important for your overall health and the health of your marriage. Studies show that couples with a better sex life have healthier marriages and feel closer to each other than those who don’t. It’s essential to take time from your busy schedule and spend it […]