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10 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

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10 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

1. Improve your sex life

A good sex life is important for your overall health and the health of your marriage. Studies show that couples with a better sex life have healthier marriages and feel closer to each other than those who don’t. It’s essential to take time from your busy schedule and spend it in a quality way with your spouse. Better sex keeps the marriage alive and removes stress.

2. Don’t cheat

Cheating on your spouse is the biggest reason behind divorce. If you are married stay faithful to that person. Only get married if you find someone with whom you can stay faithful forever. Postpone marriage if you find you are falling for someone else or are attracted to someone else.

3. Make fun time

Taking time for fun is important in maintaining excitement in your married life. Take time from your schedule and go to a movie or a roller coaster ride in an amusement park like when you were dating. Don’t let the fun vanish from your married life in order to preserve it.

4. Budget money

Many times money becomes a reason for couples to separate. Studies show that if you have enough money to pay your bills, have some fun, and maintain a healthy lifestyle you fight less. If one partner’s income is not sufficient, efforts should be made by the other partner to boost the family income to avoid fighting over money.

5. Give each other space

Giving your spouse his/her personal space is essential for a happy married life. If your marriage is on the rocks too much togetherness might be responsible. Spend time with each other, but don’t forget to give each other personal space.

10 Things to Improve Your Marriage

6. Avoid bad-mouthing your in-laws

Using negative words for your in-laws is one reason for bitterness in marriages. Respect your in-laws and be kind. Consider them your own family, if you cannot get along maintain respectful distance.

7. Woo each other

Don’t let romance leave your married life. Send each other flirtatious messages and praise each other often. Enjoy candlelit dinners and share hobbies. This will keep a spark in your married life.

8. Communicate more

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Communicating with each other reduces misunderstandings and leaves less room for fighting.

9. Involve each other

It’s a good idea to involve your partner in crucial life decisions. This helps your partner feel valued and will strengthen your married life. Talk to each other and discuss what can be done regarding any particular situation.

10. Trust each other

This is the most important thing any marriage requires. Avoid doing things like checking your partner’s mobile phone or emails and take your partner’s word as final. Trust is the basis for any successful relationship.

10 Ways to Improve Your Marriage
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson
Last Edited Aug 19th 2014

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