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5 Deadly Sins in a Marriage

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5 Deadly Sins in a Marriage

5 Deadly Sins in a Marriage

Marriage is tough; we all know this! But certain behaviors can make it, ahem, tougher…Here are the deadly sins to avoid in your relationship!

Deadly Sins in a Marriage

Always Insisting You’re Right
Would you rather be right all the time…or married? You are human. Your spouse is human. Accept their foibles and move on! A lot of couples get hung up on being “right” about really dumb things. Listen to yourself objectively for a moment, then decide whether or not the argument is worth your marriage.

Complaining about Your Spouse’s Pet
It may sound silly at first, but here’s a little secret about pet owners. Most see their dog/cat/ferret as an extension of themselves, so it’s probably best to refrain from talking smack about Fido. He was here before the relationship started, and if you keep complaining about him, he’ll likely also see the end of your marriage!

Asking Your Partner Who They Fantasize about
This is landmine territory, bound to make you jealous. Sure, it may sound innocent at first, but even if it’s a celebrity, these kinds of “harmless” discussions can add fuel to the fire when you’re having an unrelated argument.

5 Deadly Sins in a Marriage

Again, we’re all human. It’s more than likely that we’re going to develop crushes on co-workers, actors, and even the dental hygienist from time to time. What matters most is respecting your partner by keeping them out of your fantasy life, while also giving them privacy in their own.

Taking Your Spouse for Granted
This is probably one of the most common causes of divorce. Getting into a routine is especially deadly. You must constantly add spice to your romance, whether it’s taking a small getaway trip or doing something out of the ordinary. Get the adrenaline flowing. Remember why it is that you got together in the first place.

Harping on Past Transgressions
Let the past be the past. No one is perfect. Wasn’t it Martha Stewart who said “I have a short memory for painful things”? We are going to hurt one another from time to time; this is part of life. What matters most is how well we apologize, forgive, and forget.

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