Music: The Sound of Health

Music: The Sound of Health

“In this life, we are all just walking up the mountain And we can sing as we climb Or we can complain about our sore feet Whichever we choose we still gotta do the hike.” Music and Healing Music and healing were once partners, in fact, the Chinese character for medicine includes the character for […]

6 Tips to Help You Say No

6 Tips to Help You Say “No” For many people, a common struggle is learning how to say no and turn down offers to meet for coffee, work extra hours, or attend events. It can be easy to overwhelm your schedule with commitments that you may not have the time for. To learn how to […]

Learn How to Give a Great Neck Massage

Have you ever felt that you are carrying the entire world in your shoulders? This can be easily fixed, all you need is a partner to help you relax after a long day and the following video to guide you in the process. Learn the pin and stretch massage method to lengthen overworked muscles in […]

Be At Peace

Put aside all anxious thoughts and be at peace. ~Francis De Sales