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6 Tips to Help You Say No

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6 Tips to Help You Say No

6 Tips to Help You Say “No”

For many people, a common struggle is learning how to say no and turn down offers to meet for coffee, work extra hours, or attend events. It can be easy to overwhelm your schedule with commitments that you may not have the time for. To learn how to politely say no without feeling obligated, there are a few methods to protecting your time.

Tips to Help You Say No

1. Stay Confident

According to PsychCentral.com, confident individuals have an easier time turning down offers than those who have low self-esteem. Break the cycle of being a people-pleaser and avoid feeling pressured by developing more self-worth and learning how to put yourself first at times.

2. Find Peace in Having More Free Time

Instead of going through a guilt trip after turning down an offer, find peace in the fact that you have more room in your schedule by refusing another commitment that could have caused more stress in your life. Your down time will ultimately help you to become more productive with your other responsibilities instead of dealing with burnout. A recent study at Flinders University in Australia even found that those who participate in daily naps or relaxation are more prone to increase their productivity.

3. Accept the Fact That You Can’t Say Yes to Everything

It’s impossible to say yes to everything, making it important to determine an accurate percentage of invites that you’ll have to forego simply because you can’t be in two places at once.

4. Offer to Reschedule

Instead of turning down an invitation, offer to reschedule to show your willingness to still meet with an individual at a time that is more convenient.

5. Give Yourself a Day to Respond

Make it easier on yourself to say no by giving yourself a day to respond to the invite. It will allow you to mentally prepare and practice what you’ll say before rushing into a commitment that you don’t really want to accept.

6. Have a Good Reason

If you have a legitimate reason for saying no, it will allow you to have more peace of mind knowing that you made the best decision possible without feeling regretful.

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