8 Behaviors of Someone Who Suffers from Emotional Trauma

8 Behaviors of Someone Who Suffers from Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma and distressing thoughts can be painful in an afflicted person. A piece of good advice can be very helpful to someone suffering from the pain of emotional trauma. When talking about “thoughts” we are not referring to conscious cognitive functioning. Everyone requires such thoughts to function in social life, work, and school. Instead, […]

Panic Attack vs. Heart Attack: How to Tell the Difference

Panic Attack vs. Heart Attack How to Tell the Difference

There are similarities between a panic attack and a heart attack. This makes it difficult for many people to tell the difference here we tell you about which one is which. Each year, approximately 3 percent of people in the U.S experience panic disorder. Some common symptoms of panic attack are: Shortness of breathSharp pain […]

Panic Attacks- Symptoms and How to Stop Them

Panic Attacks- Symptoms and Treatments As human beings we face a wide range of emotions with different degrees of intensity. Fear is a basic human emotion that helped keep humans alive through the ages. We have brain structures designed to perceive cues of danger in the environment, reflexes that warn about possible threats and to […]