20 Silent Whispers, Uncover the Hidden Signs of Stress on Your Body 

Stress is a silent assassin lurking in the shadows, wreaking havoc on our health. With over 60% of all human diseases attributed to stress, it’s time we acknowledge its profound impact on our mental and physical well-being. Amid the chaos of our daily lives, we often overlook just how stressful our existence has become. Today, […]

Why Do I Have Heart Palpitations at Night?

Why Do I have Heart Palpitation at Night

Heart palpitations can be defined as the sensation of a strong pulse in your head, chest or neck. It might appear that your heart is racing. Naturally, if the sensation of these palpitations occurs as you lay down to sleep it could be a very unsettling event for you. However, in many cases having heart […]

Top 5 Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Top 5 Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes And How To Avoid Them When it comes to pregnancy, people tend to become extremely protective of the to-be mom. The older, experienced women create lists of things that pregnant women should and shouldn’t do. Some of these things are rooted in superstition and can seem a tad paranoid. However […]