Vitamin Overdose: What Happens If You Intake More Than Enough

Vitamin Overdose What Happens If You Intake More Than Enough

Normally, vitamins are a good thing that helps the body to function properly. Though they are typically beneficial, some people make the mistake of not realizing that vitamins can be dangerous. It is hard for a person to overdose on vitamins since they can be taken in very high amounts. However, in the rare cases […]

10 Unusual Uses of Henna and How to Use it on Hair

uses for henna

Henna, known as mehandi, panwar, shudi, is a medicinal plant. Its a middle-sized shrub with many branches. This herb is used for various medicinal benefits. Here are some uses of henna: 1. Cooling agent Henna is a great cooling agent. When applied to scrapes and burns it gives relief. You can also use this herb […]