Metallic Taste in Your Mouth? This Could Be Why  


Having a metallic taste in your mouth isn’t always a cause for alarm. Respiratory problems such as a sinus infection or a cold can alter your sense of taste. In this context, the odd taste usually clears up as soon as your illness resolves. However, a metal-like taste can be caused by a variety of […]

What Minerals You Really Need … and How to Get Them

What Minerals You Really Need … and How to Get Them The components for eating a healthy diet have been getting more study and attention in the media. As lifestyles change, these components become more important to ensure that individuals eat a diet that provides the right nutrition for their needs. The daily requirements for […]

How to Chelate the Body of Heavy Metals Naturally

Heavy metal is by definition a chemical element with specific gravity of at least 5.0 (The specific gravity of water is 1.0). These elements are found in small quantities in nature and our diet, which in most cases they are essential for the body’s biochemical reactions. Since these metals are heavy, they gradually aggregate in […]