10 Foundation Hacks You Should Know

10 Foundation Hacks You Should Know Foundation is an essential part of make-up and is fairly simple to use, just apply and go on. It’s called foundation because it’s the base, or foundation, of your make-up and helps you look radiant. It’s a simple but important first step. Here are some foundation hacks you should […]

Celebrity Makeup Made Easy (Basic Foundation)

Celebrity Makeup Tutorial- Basic Foundation The video above is the first video of celebrity makeup tutorials by PositiveMed. The video will show you how to create the perfect foundation for your face! What is foundation? Foundation is skin-colored makeup applied to the face to help cover up minor blemishes, create a uniform complexion and, sometimes, […]

Best Make-up Looks For Your Face Shape

Best Make-up Looks For Your Face Shape Have you ever noticed someone looking ravishing with make -up style but the same look failed on you? This may be due to a different face shape. Faces have different shapes and require different styles.   Here is what will suit your face shape: 1. Round Round faces […]