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10 Foundation Hacks You Should Know

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10 Foundation Hacks You Should Know

10 Foundation Hacks You Should Know

Foundation is an essential part of make-up and is fairly simple to use, just apply and go on. It’s called foundation because it’s the base, or foundation, of your make-up and helps you look radiant. It’s a simple but important first step.

Foundation Hacks You Should Know

Here are some foundation hacks you should know for flawless make-up:

• Choose the right shade
The first step is to choose a foundation that best suits your skin tone, sometimes using the trial and error method. Don’t go too pink or too orange. Simply select 3 shades of foundation that best match your skin tone, swipe all 3 shades on your jawline, this is the most accurate testing place. The shade that disappears on your skin is the right one, it will blur any imperfections while remaining true to your skin tone.

• Foundation type
There are many forms of foundation; gel, cream, powder, or liquid. Your choice should depend on your skin type and current weather. If you have dry skin try a cream-based foundation, for oily skin try a powder foundation. For normal skin you can choose any, but Kecia Littman, Hawaii-based makeup artist, suggests using liquid as it looks most natural on your skin.

• Using different shades
If you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun you should choose two shades of foundation to help your skin look natural. For the most sunlight prone areas like forehead and cheeks use a darker shade, for the areas where the sunlight reaches least use the lighter shade.

• The right tools
The ideal brush will help you spread foundation evenly. Not every part of your face requires the same amount of coverage so choose your brush accordingly. For hard to reach areas use a pointed brush, if you want to use only one brush choose a domed or rounded all-purpose brush.

• Always sweep down
Some experts suggest sweeping upward on your facial skin, Littman suggests always sweeping down, “If you go upward on the face, it will fill in your pores and make them stand out,” she explains. Also upward strokes will make your hair growth go in the opposite direction, making them more visible.

• Stippling
To avoid a pancake look you should use a stippling brush correctly. This means using lighter foundation in a bouncing motions. You can easily find this brush for about $10.

• Areas that require more coverage
Your T-zone requires the most coverage, apply the majority of your foundation to your forehead, nose, cheek apples, and chin. Per Littman these are the 5 areas that require the most coverage.

• Powder your T-zone
The T-zone is more prone to redness, sweat, or oiliness, powder is the best way to set your foundation as it’s likely to run if you have oily skin and will keep your face looking matte. Avoid too much powder as it can look fake.

• Use tissue
Once you have applied your foundation make use of a tissue, tear it in two from the middle and open it up, place it on your face and let it absorb the excess moisture from your face. This trick will help your foundation last longer.

• For even complexion
Want to prevent your foundation from oxidizing into an orange color? Try blotting your face before and after applying your foundation to give you even complexion all day long.

Foundation Hacks You Should Know

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