16 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know

16 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know Fashion is great, but clothes can be really hard to deal with sometimes. They get stains on them that won’t come out, certain things break, they can be difficult to wear, and just in general, life happens. Below is a very useful list of tricks to make your […]

16 DIY Clothing Refashion Ideas

16 DIY Clothing Refashion Ideas with Picture Instructions   Here are 16 inspiring ways to refashion clothes! Nothing helps the clothing budget more than working with what you already have on hand! 1. Turn a skirt into a cute summer dress, in only a few steps you’ll be ready to take that beach vacation you’ve been […]

17 Smart Ways to Use an Ice-Cube Tray

[Last Updated on March 21st 2014] It’s a good thing to expand our creativity, and the easiest place to start is at home, these are some of the many unusual, yet ingenious ways to get advantage of a simple ice cube tray Wine leftovers, if you haven’t quite finished a whole bottle, pour the rest […]