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16 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know

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16 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know


Fashion is great, but clothes can be really hard to deal with sometimes. They get stains on them that won’t come out, certain things break, they can be difficult to wear, and just in general, life happens.

Below is a very useful list of tricks to make your life easier and bring joy back into your style:


1. Tucking Jeans Into Boots

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2.  DIY Bra Strap Concealer


hack 2


3. Clever Zipper Solution

hack 3


4. Removing Deodorant Stains 

hack 5


5. The Clever Way To Fold Lingerie

hack 9


6. Make Your Own Cap Toe Shoes

hack 8


7. Soften Your T-Shirts With Salt 

hack 7


8.  The Easy Way To Stretch Your Shoes 

hack 6


9.  Remove Chewing Gum With Ice 

hack 13


10. Stop A Run In A Pair Of Pantyhose With Hairspray

hack 12


11. DIY Double Cloths Hangers  

hack 11


12. Waterproof Your Shoes With Beeswax

hack 10


13. Perfect Necklaces For Your Necklines

hack 17


14. Moleskin Bra Repair 

hack 16


15.  Secret Trick For Cuffed Sleeves 

hack 15


16. Tights Under Ripped Jeans 

hack 14

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