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17 Smart Ways to Use an Ice-Cube Tray

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17 Smart Ways to Use an Ice-Cube Tray

[Last Updated on March 21st 2014]

It’s a good thing to expand our creativity, and the easiest place to start is at home, these are some of the many unusual, yet ingenious ways to get advantage of a simple ice cube tray


  • Wine leftovers, if you haven’t quite finished a whole bottle, pour the rest into an ice cube tray to use for making sauces and soups later. Keep iced coffees and teas cold without watering them down.

    ice coffee cubes

  • Vitamins and pills separator 
  • Avoid wasting fruit, freeze fresh lemon and lime juice by the tablespoon
  • Freeze homemade stocks. One ice cube is usually equivalent to two tablespoons. Which means 2 cubes = ¼ cup, 4 cubes = ½ cup, 6 cubes = ¾ cup, 8 cubes = 1 cup
  • Storing jewelry 
  • Painter’s palette.
  • Freeze and store homemade baby food.
  • Freeze lemonade or other juices to drop into iced teas or water for an added fruity twist.
  • Mini jell-o molds
  • Organize your junk drawer
  • Popsicle maker

    mini fruit popsicles

  • Freeze tomato paste so you always have some on-hand when a recipe calls for one or two tablespoons.
  • Eggs last awhile, but not forever. If you need to preserve your eggs a little longer, you can stick them in the freezer. Of course, you don’t want to just toss them in, shells and all. That’s where an ice cube tray can help.

    egg white and yolk preserve

  • Candy mold for homemade confections.
  • If you’re taking something apart, whether that be a chair or a keyboard, use an ice cube tray to keep all the screws and little bits at arm’s reach and separate.
  • Freeze freshly chopped herbs or fresh herbs.

    Freezing fresh herbs in ice cube trays

  • Separate and organize seeds.

ice cube tray hacks

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