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Let’s Clear This Up: Should You Ever Put Jade Egg Inside Your Vagina?

Let's Clear This Up, Should You Ever Put Jade Egg Inside Your Vagina

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One controversial recommendation on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop site is that women can benefit from inserting a jade egg inside themselves. Proponents say it can strengthen muscles, improve health, balance your menstrual cycle, and increase libido. But does it really work, and should you try it out yourself? 

Let's Clear This Up, Should You Ever Put Jade Egg Inside Your Vagina

The medical authorities are skeptical, to say the least. Gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter has spoken out firmly against the practice on her blog. Among Gunter’s criticisms: no matter how highly polished a jade egg may be, its surface is porous. That means the egg will naturally collect bacteria, and it can never get completely clean. Putting a bacteria farm inside your body is asking for health trouble, up to and including toxic shock syndrome. 

It’s worth noting, as well, that in 2018 Goop was sued over exaggerated claims it made for several of its products, including jade eggs. They settled the case and agreed to no longer make certain exaggerated claims without scientific evidence. These include claiming that the eggs can help control your hormones and menstruation. 

What about the eggs’ use in strengthening inner muscles? It turns out they’re not much good for that either. For a muscle to get stronger, it needs to be steadily contracted and relaxed. But the weight of the egg prevents you from relaxing. It’s like trying to make your arms stronger by carrying dumbbells around all day. Without giving your muscles a chance to rest, you’ll just overstress them. This can end up making them weaker or even causing an injury. 

That’s not to say there aren’t benefits to strengthening your muscles in that area. But there are ways to do it without spending $60 on a jade egg, including doing Kegel exercises. Here’s a guide on how to do Kegels, and there are also plenty of video tutorials available. 

And if all that isn’t enough, consider another risk of using stone eggs: getting them out again. Gynecologist Lauren Streicher, MD, has pointed out that the eggs are highly polished and slick. Worse, their rounded shape makes it difficult to get a grip on. Dr. Streicher has expressed concern that the eggs could possibly get stuck. Or women might scratch sensitive tissues while trying to get hold of the egg. This could lead to pain and infection. 

Every woman should pay attention to their inner health, but stone eggs are not the way to do it.

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