What to Do About Black Hairy Tongue. What is that?

What to Do About Black Hairy Tongue, What Is That?

If you’re online researching black hairy tongue, you’re likely feeling a little alarmed. Discovering that your tongue is turning black is never a fun thing. Before you panic and assume you’re the first victim of a new zombie infection, take a deep breath. You’re not dying, and your tongue isn’t going to fall off.  Symptoms […]

Is a Tickle In The Chest Serious?

Is a Tickle In The Chest Serious? A tickle in the chest can feel like pressure or fluttering. There are many underlying factors that cause this symptom. Some conditions such as seasonal allergies and colds go away on their own. However, there are other factors that need medical attention. This article explores the causes of […]

Box Breathing for Stress Management: Steps and Benefits

The Benefits and Steps of Box Breathing for Stress Management

Box breathing is a relaxation technique which is powerful yet simple and brings back breathing to the normal rhythm. This breathing technique can help you to relax the body, improve focus, and clear the mind. This technique is easy to do, quick to learn, and it is very effective for you in stressful situations. For […]