Ginger and Lemon Tea to Detoxify and Reduce Bloat

We all feel a little bloated sometimes. That bloated feeling can be a reaction to something you ate, or due to normal body fluctuations. Luckily, there is an easy and healthy solution for bloating that may already be in your pantry: ginger and lemon tea. Ginger: A Natural Powerhouse Ginger has been touted as a […]

What Is Honey Pot Detox?

What Is Honey Pot Detox? Detox programs are popular throughout the country, as an increasing number of people become concerned about the negative health effects of modern life. Not only are we exposed to chemicals in our daily lives, we also must deal with toxic chemicals that result naturally from stress. Many people turn to […]

Sugar Detox: How to Quit Sugar

Sugar Detox: How to Quit Sugar for Good‎‎ Kick the sugar addiction for good! We think it’s the perfect time todo sugar detox and get rid of that pesky sugar habit. The holidays are over, the day of LOVE is done (mind you, every day is a good day to love yourself and others), and […]