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What Is Honey Pot Detox?

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What Is Honey Pot Detox?

What Is Honey Pot Detox?

Detox programs are popular throughout the country, as an increasing number of people become concerned about the negative health effects of modern life. Not only are we exposed to chemicals in our daily lives, we also must deal with toxic chemicals that result naturally from stress. Many people turn to a detox program to help cleanse their body of harmful substances. Honey Pot detox is the latest innovation in this area, allowing women to cleanse even their most private areas.

What Is Vaginal Detox

How Does Lady Part Detox Work?

The most common way of detoxing the lady part is to give it a steam bath. This is very common in other countries. Women go to special spas where they sit on a chair with a hole in the middle of the seat. Steaming, herb infused water is placed below this chair. This can be replicated at home by simply sitting or kneeling over a bowl of steaming, herbed water or tea. Mugwort tea is a popular source of steam for lady part cleansing, although some prefer other cleansing herbs such as red raspberry leaf or dong quai.

How to Tell If You Need a Lady part Detox

There are several signs that your lady part needs detoxified. First, many women in need of detox begin to get more yeast or bacterial infections. Second, heightened irritation can be a sign of toxicity. One-quarter of all American women suffer from symptoms of toxic exposure in the female reproductive organs so this is nothing to be ashamed of.

Women who get lady part detox say it alleviates or cures the following symptoms:

• Burning
• Redness
• Itchiness
• Discomfort

Reducing Toxic Influences on a Daily Basis

In addition to exposing oneself to detoxifying steam, it’s important for long term lady part health to limit exposure to toxins by:

• Using all natural soaps to wash
• Avoiding feminine hygiene sprays
• Washing undergarments in gentle detergents.

These measures can help to reduce your need for lady part detox between treatments. It’s important for all body parts to be as pure and healthy as possible. Don’t neglect this very important part of detoxifying your body.

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