If you’re burning by your hot spicy food…

If you’re burning by your hot spicy food…Don’t drink water! Instead of water, try dairy products such as yogurt! They contain an enzyme that breaks the bonds between capsaicin and the pain receptors. Capsaicin is the active component of chili peppers, which is responsible for the burning sensation of the spicy foods. Interestingly, only mammals, […]


A heat index Whoa Baby!! to ARGHHH Cut out My Tongue!! This handy index gives you the names of different peppers in your comfort zone, and the names of some you may want to avoid. I have seen a pepper sauce that was black-purple, and burned my nose to sniff it, I didn’t want to […]

Black pepper as fat fighter

A new Korean study published last week in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry indicates that piperine may have a significant role against the formation of new fat cells. Piperine is an abundant compound in black pepper and is responsible for the special taste of black pepper. This may clear the way for the new […]

Raspberries: Nature’s new fat burner?

raspberries burn fat and help in weight loss

Raspberries are famous for their substantial amount of vitamin C and antioxidants. But recent studies have shown that raspberries are also very strong fat-burners. Researchers in Japan were looking for natural fat-burning substitutes for capsaicin– a compound in peppers that causes its burning and spicy taste and has strong fat-burning properties- and they found out […]