What Are the Hidden Chemicals In Your Food Actually Look Like?

Fast foods and processed foods taste good; no, they taste great. That’s because an assortment of flavor enhancers and textural modifiers does a dance on your tongue. Here are some common industrialized ingredients found in packaged and prepared foods and what they do. (Don’t worry, meat-paste goop isn’t on the list.) Carrageenan A seaweed extract, […]

10 Unexpected Things That Might Be Causing Your Terrible Headache!

10 Unexpected Things That Might Be Causing Your Terrible Headache! No one likes to get headaches. Some can be very painful and last a long time. As many as 47 percent of people worldwide will get one this year, reports the World Health Organization. While everyone will have headaches sooner or later, most people may not […]


By Dr. Michael L. Johnson, Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist Have you heard about excipients in your nutritional supplements? If this is the first time you have come across the term, you need to know that “excipients” are used as fillers, glues, and binders. You can imagine them as a type of substance that is extremely […]

Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid

Even when food additives come from plants they can be harmful to your body. Anything unnatural and/or in a highly concentrated chemical state is something to stay away from. Remember nature delivers food as a nutrient complex, not as an isolated nutrient. Statistics show that the average American household spends 90% of their grocery budget […]