7 Unusual Services Chiropractors Perform That You Didn’t Know About

7 Unusual Services Chiropractors Perform...That You Didn’t Know About

You may schedule your first visit to your chiropractor when your lower back hurts, but spinal adjustments are not the only services chiropractors perform for patients. Many chiropractors pursue postgraduate training in a wide range of drug-free therapies that promote wellness such as massage, electro-therapy, and ultrasound waves. Nutrition Counseling to Identify Allergies or Need […]

4 Ways to Speed Your Recovery as an Injured Athlete

4 Ways to Speed Your Recovery as an Injured Athlete

Whether you are a professional athlete training for the Olympic Games or an amateur who plays soccer with a local group of like-minded people several times a week, an injury can you to wonder if you’ll ever be back in top-performance shape again. Although steps to take to encourage healing to vary depending on the […]

Use This Simple Showering Trick to Boost Your Energy Levels

Use This Simple Showering Trick to Boost Your Energy Levels: Cold, hot and cold again showers are back in vogue after being the norm for people of the Nordic nations for thousands of years. You may smile, but in the west, we are somewhat slow in catching on to what others do as almost second […]

Cold Showers Really Are Good for You

Cold showers, a form of hydrotherapy, were a recognized medical treatment until it fell out of popularity with increased access to heated water and prescription medications. There are many health benefits to cooling off your shower, and your body, will even save some  money on your utility bills.      Strengthens immunity by increasing production […]

Quench Your Thirst

The last couple weeks of hot weather has certainly reminded us of the importance of staying hydrated. This fun infographic shows why and how your body sweats and why and how you should replenish its resources. Also it take a look at the pros and cons of various drinks you could use to hydrate yourself. […]