If Your Partner Keeps Gaslighting You, Here’s What You Can Do

If Your Partner Keeps Gaslighting You, Here's What You Can Do

If you have ever been involved with a gaslighter, then you are well-aware of just how awful it can be. A gaslighter has no problem manipulating and deceiving their way out of any incident, all the while making you doubt your own reality. Gaslighting can happen to men and women of all ages, and it […]

The Common Type of Relationship You Might Not Realize is Abusive


Do you view abusive relationships as physical marks and overtly cruel verbalizations? If yes, then you may not realize this common type of relationship is abusive. The main objective of abuse is an imbalance of control and power. Abusers achieve this control and power in many ways beyond straightforward cruelty and harm. Let’s explore the […]