What’s Causing Pain in Your Pelvis? Causes and Treatments

What’s Causing Pain in Your Pelvis Causes and Treatments.

The pelvis lies somewhere between the upper part of your thighs and the belly button. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can experience pain in this region of your body. Pain in your pelvis usually occurs if there is a problem with your digestive tract, urinary tract, or reproductive organs. Although women […]

Ladies! If You Have PAINFUL SEX You Need to Read This!

Ladies! If You Have Painful Sex You Need to Read This!

Women of All Ages Say this is the Most Distressing Thing about Sex Are you experiencing pain during intercourse? Then you are not alone, many women experience the same for various reasons. You don’t have to get worked up on your situation as there are different causes and associatedremedies. Painful sex can be debilitating causing […]

Possible Conditions That Cause Breast Pain in Women

Possible Conditions That Cause Breast Pain in Women

Breasts usually develop during puberty as a result of increased levels of estrogen. Breast pain can be as a result of breast tissue alterations caused by a variety of hormones during the menstrual cycle. Although most women rarely feel pain in their breasts, Mastalgia (breast pain) is not an uncommon condition. Mastalgia usually varies in […]

12 Possible Reasons of Lower Abdominal Pain

12 Possible Reasons of Lower Abdominal Pain Experiencing pain in your left abdomen may be overwhelming and frightening. Your lower abdominal pain may be a signal to problems with some of your abdominal organs. It is the essence to be cognizant of the dangers, signs, and symptoms of more severe conditions. This way, one can […]

What Every Woman Should Know About Chlamydia

Chlamydia is an STD no one really wants to contract, but 2.2 million US citizens ages 14-39 are currently infected with the disease and most of these people are not aware they have it. It affects both men and women, however, it affects them both differently. Though there are many antibiotics and treatments you can […]