The Compliment Everyone Loves to Receive (And What That Means About Us)

It’s not “You’re smart.” It’s not “You’re fascinating.” It’s not even “You’re amazing.” Those compliments, while they may sound nice, scare some people away. If someone doesn’t believe that they are those things, they may believe you’re lying to them or misperceiving them. There’s one compliment, however, that practically everyone loves to receive. Before I […]

10 Inventions Created By Women That Changed The World

10 Inventions Created By Women That Changed The World We already know women are spectacular, but many people do not realize how many important inventions that women have created throughout history. While many of those women did not receive the patent or initial credit, we can now look back and recognize the many influential women […]

6 “Compliments” That Only Piss Her Off

6 “Compliments” That Only Piss Her Off Men mean well, but they don’t always know the right thing to say. Some things that men may consider compliments actually just piss a woman off, the opposite of the desired effect! Becoming familiar with what not to say will help you learn how to actually compliment a […]