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6 “Compliments” That Only Piss Her Off

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6 "Compliments" That Only Piss Her Off

6 “Compliments” That Only Piss Her Off

Men mean well, but they don’t always know the right thing to say. Some things that men may consider compliments actually just piss a woman off, the opposite of the desired effect! Becoming familiar with what not to say will help you learn how to actually compliment a woman, which could benefit you in many ways.

6 Compliments That Only Piss Her Off

1. “You’re different than the other girls I’ve dated.”

Complimenting women by making comparisons is a huge no-no. It’s rude, because it puts the past women down, but it also makes her wonder what’s different about her, and whether it’s good or bad.

2. “I love that I don’t have to try around you.”

Even though you’re trying to tell her that she’s easy to be around, she may take it as you saying that she’s not worth the effort. It’s not smart to compliment a woman by telling her you’re not willing to work hard for her.

3. “How are you still single?”

While most men mean it theoretically, she’s going to take it literally. This does nothing but put her on the defensive, because you’re essentially asking what the deal breaker was with every other guy.

4. “You’re a keeper.”

Saying this one too fast can make it seem like you’re rushing into things. Not only that, but it’s evaluative, making her think you’re checking off a mental check list.

5. “You look gorgeous in that pic.”

This tells her two things: that she doesn’t look good in other pictures or that she doesn’t look good in person. Neither are things you would want to use as a compliment.

6. “You look great.”

While this may be an actual compliment, it’s incredibly half-assed and shows her that you’re putting no effort into complimenting her hard work.

Compliments are not always as kind as they seem. Before you give a girl a compliment, ask yourself if there’s any way it could come across as rude. If there is, throw it out, and keep thinking!

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