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The Compliment Everyone Loves to Receive (And What That Means About Us)

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The Compliment Everyone Loves to Receive (And What That Means About Us)

It’s not “You’re smart.”

It’s not “You’re fascinating.”

It’s not even “You’re amazing.”

Those compliments, while they may sound nice, scare some people away. If someone doesn’t believe that they are those things, they may believe you’re lying to them or misperceiving them.

There’s one compliment, however, that practically everyone loves to receive.

Before I tell you what it is, let me just tell you about how I discovered it, because it wasn’t something I was looking for on purpose.

One of the most important things I teach people to do is to discover their inner strength. I do this because I discovered it and I found that interacting with this part of myself was absolutely crucial to my healing and happiness.

The Compliment Everyone Loves to Receive

In trying to transmit this message, I would use different phrases. I’d say things that were meaningful to me, phrases that would empower and awaken me. Phrases like “You’re not broken,” “You’re brilliant,” and “You’re eternal.” I’d use my favorite, which is “You’re immortal.”

None of those, however, would get quite the same response as these words:

You’re powerful

At first, I thought it was a coincidence that emails and posts with those words got maximum engagement. Maybe more people opened those emails, I thought. Maybe those Facebook posts just happened to reach more people. Coincidences happen.

Then I started telling people in person. And I couldn’t believe it. I say “You’re powerful” and there’s always a reaction. Their eyes soften, their breath quickens, their lips curl into a smile.

A person in trouble, in desperate need, would come to me feeling helpless and hopeless. I would remind them of how powerful they are and watch, in amazement, as their outward signs of anxiety and pain would disappear.

I began to realize that there’s really something to those, specific, words.

Powerful is a word that our inner self-responds to because it speaks the deepest truth about who we are.

This is exactly how your name works for your mind. Your mind recognizes your name as a definition of “who you are.” When someone says your name, you respond. Your mind’s been conditioned this way.

In this way, your spirit recognizes “powerful” as a definition of “who you are.” This hasn’t been conditioned (though the language for it certainly has been). You’re responding to a knowledge of yourself that goes beyond what’s been learned. You’re responding to your inner wisdom.

Becoming empowered is the process of awakening to yourself.

We love being told we’re powerful because we are.

When we deny ourselves what we are or fail to recognize what we are, we suffer.

Keep this in mind the next time that someone hurts you or does something to anger you. When faced with a person who seems to be pushing you down, ask yourself – does this person remember how powerful they are?

If they were aware of their power, would they feel the need to take it or assert it?

When facing a conflict with a person, ask yourself why you feel the need to prove yourself right. Ask yourself why the other person needs to do so as well. Would either of you feel this need if you felt like you were already powerful?

How can you allow yourself to experience your power?

How can you get more in touch with who you really are today?

How can you share this with others?

Thank you for reading! Please share, comment, and keep reading…

Vironika TugalevaAbout the Author (Author Biography)

Vironika Tugaleva is an inspirational speaker, self-love and healing coach, founder of The Real Us, and author of the award-winning bestseller The Love Mindset. Vironika helps people cultivate self-love, heal mental and emotional suffering, develop healthy self-care habits, build deeper relationships with others, and unleash their inner potential to change the world. You’re invited to read more about Vironika and get a free sneak preview of The Love Mindset.

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