When to See a Doctor for Smelling Urine?

When to See a Doctor for Smelling Urine

[nextpage title=”…”] In order to maintain good health for the long run, it is necessary for individuals to stay in tune with their bodies, and practically speaking this means taking note of anything strange that might be going on with the body. One tell-tale sign that things may not be quite right is smelling urine […]

12 Surprising Factors That Increase Your Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis

SPANISH TRANSLATION: 12 FACTORES QUE AUMENTAN EL RIESGO DE ESCLEROSIS MÚLTIPLE Now found in more than 400,000 Americans, one thing is agreed on by medical experts: Multiple sclerosis typically causes the immune system to attack itself, in other words, it is an auto-immune disease. Research Studies Studies were undertaken by Dr. Jennifer Linden, a microbiologist at […]