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When to See a Doctor for Smelling Urine?

When to See a Doctor for Smelling Urine

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In order to maintain good health for the long run, it is necessary for individuals to stay in tune with their bodies, and practically speaking this means taking note of anything strange that might be going on with the body. One tell-tale sign that things may not be quite right is smelling urine that looks or smells unusual.
In some cases, foul smelling urine is simply a temporary condition that will pass with time. In other situations, urine that has an unusual color or odor can actually be a sign that something may be seriously wrong with the body and can indicate that it might be time to see a doctor.

In cases such as these, it’s important for people to have some solid background information about possible causes of such a condition. This article will address this issue by taking a closer look at this important subject, and along the way will educate readers about some common ailments that are known to cause urine to emit strange odors.

Conditions That are Known to Affect the Odor of Urine

There is much research yet to be done on the subject, but nevertheless, there is a decent body of knowledge available about many common and uncommon conditions that can produce foul-smelling urine. While the following list may not be completely comprehensive, it will give readers a solid understanding of some probable causes of smelly urine.

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The prostate gland can be a source of trouble for many individuals, and the condition known as prostatitis is one of them. It can cause infections of the urinary bladder, which in turn can produce back, abdominal, and groin pain. In addition to this, it often causes a strong urge to urinate along with smelly urine.

Urinary tract infections.

Certain kinds of bacteria can cause infections if they are able to get into the urinary tract. According to, researchers at Harvard, this can give rise to other issues such as pain while urinating, heightened frequency of urination, and foul-smelling urine.

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Problems with the liver.

Since the liver plays a key role in managing and eliminating waste products from the body, issues with this organ can cause dark and foul-smelling urine.

Kidney stones.

Kidney stones are well known for causing severe pain, but they can also cause pinkish colored smelly urine.


When a person is suffering from diabetes, the excess sugar in the bloodstream will build up in the urine. According to medical professionals at the University of Maryland, this can cause sticky and sweet-smelling urine.

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Since urine is made up of mostly water, dehydration will cause very dark colored urine that also smells bad.

Certain medications.

Multivitamins, as well as some kinds of antibiotics, can cause a change in the look and smell of the urine.

Bladder Fistula.

This odd-sounding condition is caused by an unusual connection between the bladder and the intestines and can cause very foul-smelling urine.


This is a genetic condition that can alter the workings of the metabolism. The end result is that individuals with this condition are unable to process the phenylalanine found in common foods, and will often cause foul-smelling urine.

Bad smelling and cloudy urine. Individuals that are fasting or eating a diet low in carbs and also have high levels of ketone in the blood will often notice a sweet odor when urinating.

Maple syrup disease.

This is an inherited genetic condition that can make the urine smell like maple syrup. This is caused by protein in the diet that people with this disease are unable to breakdown, and if the diet is not altered can actually result in death.

As can be seen, there are many things that can and do cause urine to smell unusual. Because of the large number of possible conditions connected with this, and the possible danger that some can pose, individuals that notice a change in the odor of their urine are encouraged to consult with a medical professional.

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