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How To Prevent Cellulite by Exfoliating Naturally

How To Prevent Cellulite by Exfoliating Naturally

How To Prevent Cellulite by Exfoliating Naturally

How To Prevent Cellulite by Exfoliating Naturally  2

Exercise is a common reactive treatment for cellulite. Fortunately, you can also prevent cellulite by exfoliating naturally. Exfoliating the entire body removes dead skin cells, cleanses impurities, and unclog pores. Conventional exfoliating agents over-dry the skin, causing uneven skin tones and possible scars. Exfoliating naturally will keep stubborn fat from accumulating in areas of the body while clearing and smoothing your skin.

The process of exfoliating is simple – it usually involves massaging with the exfoliant and rinsing off. Successfully prevent cellulite by exfoliating with the right tool. Natural exfoliation consists of using an organic sugar scrub, organic soap or castile soap with natural exfoliating extracts. To deliver optimal results, it is best to use this combination to target the formation of cellulite.

What Exactly Is Cellulite?

The answer is NOT fat dimples (in case you were wondering). Cellulite begins to take form in areas of the body where poor circulation results due to lack of exercise, low fiber diet or high levels of stress. The fat cells begin to swell and press into the surrounding connective tissues. This creates the dreaded bumps or dimples that we are so familiar with.

Typical exfoliators available on the market cater to the facial area and neglect the rest of the body (where cellulite is more common). If you do find a body exfoliator – more likely than not – it will contain a lab-made caffeine derivative and whitening agent. The caffeine is used to temporarily tighten the skin. The whitening agent is used to lighten the skin (a mild attempt to disguise the cellulite). In the long run, these quick-fix additives are harmful to the skin. These unwanted derivatives strip the natural color of the skin and ultimately highlight the appearance of cellulite.

Exfoliate Naturally in 15 Minutes:

Preventing cellulite by exfoliating naturally is the best way to deliver long-term results without harming your skin. An organic sugar scrub will remove unwanted skin cells from the surface and allow the area to breathe and absorb vitamins. Organic soap, such as castile soap, can contain natural extracts such as Calendula and Aloe Vera, which are known for moisturizing and promoting bright skin. Below are the ingredients and steps needed to exfoliate naturally and help prevent cellulite (may need a larger volume if treating multiple areas):

• ½ cup of organic brown sugar.
• ⅓ cup of freshly squeezed lime juice.
• Organic soap with exfoliating extracts.

Step 1: Sugar Scrub
Create your own sugar scrub by following a DIY recipe or simply mix ½ cup of brown organic sugar with ⅓ cup of freshly squeezed lime juice. The lime juice helps remove dead skin cells to naturally give you brighter and smoother skin.

Step 2: Select Organic Soap
Selecting which organic soap bar to use can be fun, particularly when extracts are involved. Aloe Vera and Calendula are highly recommended for the prevention and treatment of cellulite.

How To Prevent Cellulite by Exfoliating Naturally

Step 3: Wet Skin
Wet and wash the treatment area (or take a full body shower).

Step 4: Scrub
Grab the sugar scrub mix and begin to massage in circular motion with pressure over the treatment area.

Step 5: Massage Organic Soap
Rinse off the sugar scrub with warm water and then massage the exfoliating side of the organic soap into the treatment area.

Step 6: Rinse Off
Rinse off any lather or residue from the organic soap.

Step 7: Air Dry
Allow exfoliated areas of the body to air dry.

Step 8: Organic Lotion
Apply organic lotion to treated area and deliver further vitamins and moisture.

Take pride and relish your naturally exfoliated body. Exfoliate naturally as often as possible to prevent cellulite.

What other methods do you use to prevent cellulite?

Author Bio:
Audrey Lefebvre R.N. specializes in Integrative Medicine, incorporating traditional and holistic care. Audrey holds over 5 years of experience in direct patient care and 4 years practicing natural skin regimens. To learn more about her, organic and Castile Soap, please visit or her Facebook.

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The Best Cellulite Treatments

Many of us struggle with cellulite for years and try many different treatment options. Some purchase “the best cellulite creams” or expensive anti-cellulite gels. Some even try laser cellulite removal. Anyway, cellulite removal is a huge business. But the truth is we have to take a multidimensional approach to fight cellulite:

The Best Cellulite Treatments

1. Healthy Diet:

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid fatty foods and sugar. You cannot even imagine how bad sugary drinks are for your body.

2. Drink Plenty of Water:

Water helps flush out fat and toxins from your body, it also suppresses your appetite and helps you eat less.

3. Skin Treatment:

Many expensive cellulite creams contain caffeine because caffeine increases blood flow and reduces fat cells under the skin, so one of the best options for skin treatment is a ground coffee scrub, which you can easily prepare at home: Want smooth skin treatment? Coffee ground scrub can fight cellulite

4. Exercise:

Exercise boosts muscle tone and increases blood flow to fat under the skin. Watch this video that demonstrates some effective exercises to reduce cellulite.

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