Stop Your Sciatica Pain Agony IMMEDIATELY by Doing THIS

Stop Your Sciatica Pain Agony IMMEDIATELY by Doing THIS

When a nerve becomes pinched in the lower back, sciatica pain can begin to develop and is often present in the legs from the buttocks to the feet. The pain is described as being worse than back pain and can often be debilitating while limiting mobility. Although surgery is an option for many people, there are a number of treatment methods that are available for long-term relief.

Stop Your Sciatica Pain Agony IMMEDIATELY by Doing THIS

1. Get Adjusted at a Chiropractor

A spinal manipulation is a viable option for sciatica treatment by visiting a chiropractor three to four times a week until relief is obtained. This can cause the nervous system to respond with benefits that last for a year for mobility that is restored throughout the body. A professional chiropractor will be able to increase the alignment of the spine to prevent the nerve from being pinched. Patients who have undergone chiropractic care have also experienced relief for sciatica pain with reduced inflammation and pain.

2. Yoga

More people are learning the benefits of yoga to treat sciatrica pain, which is known to offer relief after just four months of practicing the technique each day. Yoga can relieve sciatica pain by improving flexibility and strengthening the muscles with movements that are gentle on the body.


3. NSAIDs and Anti-inflammatory Supplements

Those who want immediate relief for the pain can talk to their physician abou taking NSAIDs and anti-inflammatory supplements each day. Other options include curcumin and fish oil, which are known to reduce discomfort and inflammation that may be present in the body. Experts recommend using the medication with caution and under the supervision of a medical professional if mixing it with other prescriptions.

Some people may also consider taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is also proven to relieve pain. Others may try muscle relaxants or tricyclic antidepressants to deal with muscle spasms that can begin to accompany the sciatica pain.

4. Accupuncture

More people are considering acupuncture to reduce sciatica pain with the use of small needles that are inserted into the muscles at specific points on the legs, which releases hormones and endorphins into the body once placed in the skin. This can provide relief and combat the pain that is experienced with a pinched nerve. Acupuncture also calms the pain that is present in the nerves and improves mobility due to less discomfort that is experienced.

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5. Physical Therapy

Staying active and undergoing physical therapy with specific exercises that are performed is also recommended to reduce the duration of the pain. Although it can be difficult to want to practice physical fitness while in pain, it will increase the blood flow throughout the body to rid the body of chemicals that trigger pain and inflammation where the nerve is pinched.

Medical professionals recommend performing light exercises for an average of 15 minutes each day to prevent placing too much strain on the body. Swimming and water aerobics may be easier to perform while suffering from pain to continue staying active. A physical therapist will also be able to recommend certain stretching exercises to improve flexibility and increase the support of the spine.

6. Getting Massages

A massage therapist will be able to offer both short-term and long-term relief to specific muscles in the body by massaging muscles that are located in the back and legs. This improves circulation and targets muscles in the back that support the spine, which includes the glutes, the hamstring muscles, the quadratus lumborum, the psoas, and the piriformis. It’s important to find a massage therapist that specializes in offering relief for sciatica pain to ensure that the message is customized to improve circulation and works on strengthening the back. An ice massage can also offer relief with self-massage techniques that include sitting on a tennis ball.

Many people who suffer from sciatica pain may find it challenging to have hope that they’ll experience relief and increased mobility in the future. Although sciatica pain may be experienced long-term, there are several different treatment options that are available to regain mobility and reduce the effects of pain without undergoing surgery.

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Golden Honey: This Powerful Antibiotic Does Wonders For Your Immune System

The Golden Honey Mixture is claimed to be the strongest natural antibiotic. It stimulates the body’s natural immune defense without the use of prescription antibiotics. It is composed of turmeric and raw, natural honey. Turmeric is a plant belonging to the ginger family and is most commonly cultivated in Asia and India. Turmeric has over one hundred uses in addition to those it has when combined with the raw honey. There are ongoing clinical trials utilizing turmeric for the treatment and cure of Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease. It can be used as an antioxidant and also has certain properties that are known to reduce the risks of cancer. When these two ingredients are mixed together, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory and aids in building a strong immune system as well. It can be consumed for bacterial infections, as well as viral infections with no side effects. Golden Honey may also help lower blood pressure and can help with digestion.

Golden Honey This Powerful Antibiotic Does Wonders For Your Immune System

The most known use for the Golden Honey mixture is as a cold remedy. To make this golden mixture, you will need 3.5 ounces of all natural raw honey and 1 tablespoon of turmeric. Mix well and store in a container.

When taken at the first symptoms of a cold, you must follow these instructions:

Take half of a teaspoon every hour the first day. Take half of a teaspoon every two hours the following day. On the third day you must take half of a teaspoon three times. Let the mixture sit in your mouth until dissolved.

For treatments in respiratory diseases:

Take half a teaspoon three times daily during the week. This may be added to tea or milk if desired.

Helpful Tips for using Golden Honey Mixture:

This mixture is most helpful for the throat and lungs if taken before meals. If taken while eating, it is most effective on the digestive system. Consuming after meals is best for the colon and kidneys. Using local honey may increase the effects of this mixture.

This Golden Honey mixture is a great alternative for prescription antibiotics. In addition to being an all natural substance, you may also be saving money by trying this home remedy as a substitute. If you are taking any medications, or have severe health problems, consult your doctor before trying this alternative method as it may have adverse affects on some individuals.

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Anti Inflammatory Food Pyramid

Anti Inflammatory Food Pyramid

Anti Inflammatory Pyramid
By Michelle Macluf
Reviewed by Nima Shei MD
Last Reviewed on December 11th 2013

I bet you all know about the traditional, and very industry- influenced, alimentary pyramid. But I think this is a more interesting pyramid that would boost your health out of the roof, and the best part, this is no diet at all, but a lifestyle, since it has become clear these days that chronic inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses including heart disease, many cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease. Learning how specific foods influence the inflammatory process is the best strategy for containing it and reducing the risk of long-term diseases.


The pyramid helps you as a guide on the foods you need to ingest the most that will provide you steady energy and ample vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, and protective phytonutrients, also the foods you should avoid, in order to prevent local redness, heat, swelling and pain.

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Top 8 Foods That Cause Inflammation

Top 8 Foods That Cause Inflammation:

The human body is an incredible and perfect machine you know, which is why inflammation is important. Inflammation is a mechanism your body uses in response to injury and/or infection by sending immune cells and key nutrients to the areas that need it most, its a reaction from the body to defend itself.

Inflammation is normally associated with redness, warmth, swelling, and pain caused by increased blood flow. Inflammation should be taken seriously, chronic inflammation can cause permanent damage, leading to more severe disease like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and many more.


There are many causes for this chronic problem including chronic pain, obesity, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and others, but one of the main causes is the food you eat…or don’t eat. When our bodies are well nourished we’re able to heal quickly if we cut our finger, or have muscle strain, or get a cold, maybe even preventing chronic inflammation. It is possible that one food, one tiny piece of something, is the cause of inflammation.

Each person’s body and metabolism is different so it’s hard to say what’s good or bad for your unique body, but here is a list that might help you with some foods that exaggerate inflammation because they themselves are irritants, so use caution with what you eat and remember to listen to your body.

Top 8 Foods That Cause Inflammation

1. Trans fats: This should be no surprise to any of you, trans fats can induce inflammation by damaging the cells in the lining of blood vessels.

2. Sugar: Too much sugar can alert the body to send out extra immunity messengers called cytokines, and our body wasn’t meant to break down as much as we consume.

3. White breads and pastas: Simple carbs break down quickly into sugar, which goes directly into our blood, which leads to inflammation, which irritates our bodies.

4. Cheeseburgers: These deliver a 1-2 punch, first of all animal fats have been linked to inflammatory carcinogens for a while now, and saturated fats contain a compound called arachidonic acid that creates inflammation naturally.

5. Alcohol: If you overuse it can irritate your insides, making it easy for bacteria to pass through the intestinal lining, leading to irritation and inflammation. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a glass of wine, maybe two, small amounts of alcohol may lower risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s, remember the key is moderation.

6. Omega-6 (Fatty Acids): When your diet is rich in omega-6s but low in omega-3s it can turn off the inflammatory messengers, that’s why the possibilities of inflammation are high, from an imbalance in your body. Try more fatty fish and walnuts.

7. Whole Milk: Since it is high in saturated fat, too much milk can lead to a true inflammatory reaction and digestion difficulties.

8. Gluten: Gluten is the protein content of wheat, many doctors and nutritionists recommend avoiding it whether or not you have celiac disease, studies continue showing that gluten can lead to bloating and/or digestion changes that could be an inflammatory response to gluten.

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