Stop Your Sciatica Pain Agony IMMEDIATELY by Doing THIS

When a nerve becomes pinched in the lower back, sciatica pain can begin to develop and is often present in the legs from the buttocks to the feet. The pain is described as being worse than back pain and can often be debilitating while limiting mobility. Although surgery is an option for many people, there […]

Golden Honey: This Powerful Antibiotic Does Wonders For Your Immune System

Golden Honey This Powerful Antibiotic Does Wonders For Your Immune System

The Golden Honey Mixture is claimed to be the strongest natural antibiotic. It stimulates the body’s natural immune defense without the use of prescription antibiotics. It is composed of turmeric and raw, natural honey. Turmeric is a plant belonging to the ginger family and is most commonly cultivated in Asia and India. Turmeric has over […]

Anti Inflammatory Food Pyramid

Anti Inflammatory Pyramid By Michelle Macluf Reviewed by Nima Shei MD Last Reviewed on December 11th 2013 I bet you all know about the traditional, and very industry- influenced, alimentary pyramid. But I think this is a more interesting pyramid that would boost your health out of the roof, and the best part, this is […]

Top 8 Foods That Cause Inflammation

Top 8 Foods That Cause Inflammation: The human body is an incredible and perfect machine you know, which is why inflammation is important. Inflammation is a mechanism your body uses in response to injury and/or infection by sending immune cells and key nutrients to the areas that need it most, its a reaction from the […]