Stress Relief From Playing The Piano

Lately, I’ve been hearing, “Your music is so calming. Why aren’t you soothed?” Honestly, if I could play the piano 24/7 and not have to make decisions about life or business, well maybe I would be. I do try! In fact, my new book Soothe follows my journey from neurotic piano player to a more […]

5 Things You’re Stressing About That Really Don’t Matter

5 Things You’re Stressing About That Really Don’t Matter In the present day and age, we are surrounded by endless responsibilities and expectations. It is likely there is something brewing in the back of your mind right now that is causing you undue stress, and it can be easy to simply procrastinate these things or […]

10 Commandments For Reducing Stress

10 Commandments For Reducing Stress Originally written by Hilary Langford and expanded by me! – Hilary Langford is a very talented organizational consultant and she originally wrote these commandments many years ago, but they are just as relevant today as they were then. Thanks Hilary for your creativity! I expanded them today! 1. Thou […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Talking About PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) By Andres Carvajal Edited By Stephanie Dawson Post-traumatic Stress disorder, or PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that affects many people after a traumatic event that caused intense fear ,hopelessness, or horror. This can happen as a result of personal trauma such as rape, war, natural disaster, abuse, an accident, […]