Are You Taking Too Much Sugar? Here are 8 Signs

Are You Taking Too Much Sugar Here are 8 Signs

Regardless of whether you have a sweet tooth or don’t like much, sugar is in nearly every packaged food you purchase. Chances are that you are consuming more sugar unknowingly.  Any form of refined sugar and its other alternatives is partially to blame for the increasing number of medical conditions. You may not find the […]

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

 This video is one of the most comprehensive and informative videos about sugar. I personally enjoyed every second of Dr. Lustig’s speech and as a medical doctor and researcher I do agree with every single sentence of his speech. Although the video is 90 minutes, in every part of the video, you’d find surprising facts […]

What’s in your soda?

As almost everyone knows, soda is not a healthy drink and it may cause a lot of health issues, including diabetes and obesity. Even the widely advertised “diet soda” may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke in people who drink it regularly. (For more info check out this link). These are a list […]