How to Manage a Persistent Form of Acne: Whiteheads and Blackheads

Perhaps the best way to think of acne is that it is an external manifestation of an internal imbalance.  Simply put, the driving force behind acne is an over secretion of skin oil (sebum) by the sebaceous glands in the skin.  This oversecretion by the sebaceous glands initially shows up as “oily skin,” as the […]

5 Homemade Masks for Pimples

Top 5 DIY Homemade Acne Face Masks Some of us feel horrified when we look at one tiny pimple on our face. Many want clear and pimple-free screen however it seems impossible to avoid pimples. It becomes more annoying when you are getting ready for a family function or an outing with your friends and […]

Hydrate Dry Skin With These 5 Moisture-Boosting Facials

Dry skin can make your face look old prematurely and can result in earlier wrinkles. Do this once or twice a week until moisture levels are boosted. 1. Exfoliate: using your gentle facial scrub, rub the skin in a circular motion. Concentrate on areas like the nose and forehead. Some scrubs can dry the skin, […]