10 Proven Tips for Healthy, Younger Looking Skin

10 Proven Tips for Healthy, Younger Looking Skin Good skin care can keep your skin healthy and glowing for years to come, and can be as easy as pampering yourself with a few basics. Use the following steps that are proven to make your skin look its optimal best! 1- Water It is a must […]

5 Natural Remedies to Reduce Dark Eye Circles

Have you looked in the mirror and seen a zombie instead? Happens to me all the time and in many cases dark circles are inherited, so if your parents have them, you’ll probably have them too. There are many things that can cause dark circles under the eyes, such as lack of sleep, allergies or […]

Non-Toxic, DIY Hair Care!

Non-Toxic, DIY Hair Care! Many of you may think this is crazy, but shampoo can be really harmful to your hair, Shampoo is practically detergent it cleans your hair, but it also strips it of all the healthy oil your body naturally produces, which is supposed to protect your hair and keep it soft and strong. […]

Great Foods for Hydrating Your Skin

Your skin is an outer reflection of the foods you put in your body. Some of us are prone to dry skin, and seasonal weather changes can make our skin dryer as well. There are a few things you can eat to enrich and hydrate the skin from the inside out, and that are delicious […]