Why You Could Be Experiencing Shoulder Pain and How To Improve It

In order for your shoulder to function optimally, you need good thoracic (upper back) mobility. Too many people have poor upper thoracic mobility (the area between your shoulder blades) due to spending many hours at the computer; poor posture; not being active enough etc. This can impact your shoulder health, we all need good extension […]

Neck Pain Prevention

Have you heard people describing an unbearable annoyance that just won’t go away as a “pain in the neck?” well, there are many reasons for this. Constant movement of the neck, along with its position and number of structures within it, and its purpose of supporting as much as 18 pounds of head, while bending, […]

Stretches and Exercises to Improve your Posture!

Stretches and Exercises to Improve your Posture! Have you ever noticed that when someone sits or stands the correct way they actually look 10 years younger? Yes, your posture is like a window to our health, much like our eyes are the windows to our souls. It’s a well-known fact that good posture conveys confidence, […]