What Are the Symptoms of Scarlet Fever? Do They Include a Red Rash?

What Are the Symptoms of Scarlet Fever Do They Include a Red Rash

Scarlet fever is a bacterial infection that is caused by group-A streptococcus bacteria. The illness occurs only to a few people who might have a streptococcal infection of the skin, wound infection, or even strep throat. This fever is also known as scarlatina or groups a beta-hemolytic streptococcus (GABHS). The short-term of group-A streptococcus is […]

3 Key Signs of Health You Can Read by Looking at Your Tongue

The tongue is a somewhat neglected source of health information. Symptoms like fever, headaches, and vomiting usually attract more attention than tongue-related symptoms. Nonetheless, if you haven’t been feeling well, looking at your tongue could help you discover what the problem is. Swollen Tongue A swollen tongue is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention. […]