Tropical Mango-Coconut Smoothie Recipe (It’s Vegan!)

Missing hot weather, warm tropical breeze, palm trees, coconuts and juicy sweet fruit? If you can’t go for holiday right now, at least have this delicious refreshing and fragrant smoothie! It’s perfect for breakfast (you can add some spinach or other leafy greens for extra minerals) or as a dessert! Yields: 2 servings Ingredients: • […]

10 Ways Fruit Can Make You Fat

10 Ways Fruit Can Make You Fat! While the vitamins and minerals present in fruit are undeniable, a nutritious food is not necessarily one that will help you to lose weight or even maintain your current weight. In fact, fruit may even be the reason you’re getting fat! 10. You’re falling for the ‘health food’ […]

5 Smoothies For Perfect Skin

We have all read many times what we aren’t supposed to drink or eat to have a perfect skin, but I personally believe is better to see everything from abundance and instead of reading about what not to eat lets read about what we can eat, well in this case, drink. These 5 delicious smoothies […]