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10 Foods That Make You Stink

10 Foods That Make You Stink

10 Foods That Make You Stink

You’ve taken your seat and are patiently awaiting takeoff for an 8 hour flight when a poignant smell wafts through the plane. Your eyes scan the plane for the culprit. After some time, you are blown away by the realization that the stinking offender is you.

10 Foods That Make You Stink

Did you know what you eat can make you reek? Check out this list of foods that make people stink.

Garlic is excellent for your health. However, its aroma can seep from your pores after eating anything containing garlic or taking garlic capsules.

Onions have caused many teary eyes. They also leave an oily residue on your skin that is difficult to wash off. You might want to wear gloves when handling onions to avoid smelling like one for the rest of the day

3. Asparagus
Known for causing stinky pee, asparagus is the subject for much debate. Whether your pee doesn’t stink or you just can’t smell it, the odor left from asparagus pee often escapes the confines of the bathroom walls.

4. Red Meat
Red meat is more difficult for your body to break down. The residual effects can intensify foul body odor in some people.

10 Foods That Make You Stink

5. Spices
Spices, such as curry and cumin, may create savory dishes, but their powerful aromas can linger on your clothing, skin, and breath.

6. Dairy Products
Lactose intolerance is a problem many people face. Lactose, found in dairy products, causes embarrassing flatulence and other smelly symptoms.

7. Fish
Though good for your health, you might smell like a fish after eating fish. This is because choline, a B-vitamin found in fish, has a natural fishy smell that can potentially excrete from your skin when you sweat.

8.Cruciferous Vegetables
Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are guilty of creating rotten egg flatulence. Children everywhere now have an excuse for not eating broccoli.

9. Junk Foods
Prepackaged foods contain many unnatural preservatives. Your body rids itself of these invaders through your sweat, in your pee, and by releasing revolting gasses.

10. Durian Fruit
The durian fruit is the king of bad breath. It is even banned in some places due to its atrocious smell. You might need more than toothpaste and mouthwash to mask your breath after eating it.

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How to Stop Bad Body Odor Naturally

How to Stop Bad Body Odor Naturally

How to Stop Bad Body Odor Naturally

Usually offensive odor is cause by chemical disequilibrium in the body caused by poor diet, stress, excessive sweat, exercise, or poor hygiene. Bacteria plays a major role in body odor, some body parts are particularly prone to the development of odor such as mouth, armpits, groin, bladder, or feet. The areas where we sweat more are particularly vulnerable attacks of fungus and bacteria, organisms that produce odor. Bacteria can only grow in an acidic state, when this happens our bodies expulse salt and other minerals through sweat, this helps us have a good inner balance. The most frequent cause of misbalance is a poor diet and consumption of certain toxins and foods that modify the levels of acidity in our body.

5 Natural Remedies to Eliminate Body Odor

Chlorophyll has numerous beneficial properties to humans. It activates cellular metabolism, detoxifies, improves systems, improves the resistance and regeneration capacity of cells, potentiates the processes of healing, and most important for body odor is that it equalizes acid-base reactions.

Avoid excessive consumption of sweets and refined sugars that will modify the acidity and will raise core body temperature, red meat takes a long time to be processed and metabolized in our stomach. Plants such as onion and garlic have the ability to make us have bad breath because they contain high quantities of sulfur, coffee and alcohol have a dual effect of increased body temperature, and dairy products, the high protein can transform bacteria into hydrogen sulfur.

Apple cider vinegar helps remove underarm odor when used instead of deodorant because it reduces the pH of the skin. Bacteria cannot live in areas with low pH. You can apply apple cider vinegar at night with cotton in your armpits or feet and wash the next morning.

Apply baking soda to clean the feet well and armpits to minimize smell. Simply apply powder to dry armpits, it will kill bacteria and help absorb perspiration. You can use a little bit in your shoes for deodorizing and eliminating bad odors or take orally.

Rosemary is known to help control body odor due to its antibacterial effect. This herb’s pleasant scent is used to relax the stomach. Adding rosemary to your diet in the form of tea helps soothe the digestive tract and get rid of undesirable microorganisms in the skin due to its antiseptic properties. Put 8-10 drops of rosemary essential oil to one ounce water and apply where needed.

5 Natural Remedies to Eliminate Body Odor
By Andres Carvajal
Edited By Stephanie Dawson
[Last Updated on June 10th 2014]

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